Friday, August 28, 2009

when i see her in the morning i say,,look, shes grown over nite

im here and it took awhile for me to get going, it hurt to walk on my feet.
i just got back from dropping K off. i am worried about money again, im trying to sell things we dont need, like the mitre saw downstairs and the black antique chairs from patsy-- right now, no ONEs buying anything,craigslist is slow and tulsa sells and recycles is slow- no ones buying.
i still am on a news ban,due to the anxiety it creates, the weather has cooled down abit-more like fall now,,im hoping it stays like this until time for winter,that would be nice. i cant stand the heat on methotrexate - i just step out for a second and i bust out in this awful sweat,its so unbearable.
worried about the info i find everywhere,hes a craigslist memo i stumbled on to and read it word for word, (back to stashing stuff in the basement for survival):
New World Order (Everywhere)
Date: 2009-08-27, 10:41PM MDT
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EVERYONE! After years of conspiracy theorists screaming about the New World Order, those like Michael Moore and Alex Jones were labeled "Nuts" by the general media. However, as recently as July 2009, an Austrian journalist named Jane Bergermeister has published information and filed criminal charges with the Austrian government and the US FBI claiming that FEMA, WHO (world health organization), Obama Administration and an Austrian pharmaceutical company named Baxter are trying to commit mass genecide by unleashing a bio-weapon (the H1N1 virus); other scientists who confirm her story that the H1N1 virus was genetically engineered by Baxter (and the WHO group); she also claims that Obama and FEMA will declare Marital Law and force upon the American public - a lethal vaccination (also created by Baxter) causing mass genecide. Other sources confirm that any resistors will be taken to FEMA death camps - concentration camps worse than the NAZI concentration camps. The FEMA trains are designed to house hundreds of people (in shackles) and to gas people right in the compartments; the FEMA camps have no accommodations for housing, dining or sleeping quaters - ONLY gas chambers and incinerators; (watch the youtube videos and see for yourself). In recent speeches, Obama and his administration have voiced overtures of Martial Law; he and his new health care advisers are advocating euthenasia. How much clearer can the signs be. By all credible reports from scientists, civil rights watch groups, investigative (foreign journalists, we are about to be in a STATE OF EMERGENCY within the next few weeks! Obama and FEMA will be declaring Martial Law in about 3 -6 weeks! (no later than October - if that!) THIS IS NOT A JOKE! PASS THIS ON TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ! Giving up ONE night of TV to do a little homework - could literally save your life; and your family! Attached is an html file with a list of BOOKMARKED links - From reputable VERIFIED sources about the upcoming MARTIAL LAW that is ABOUT to be perpetrated on the AMERICAN PEOPLE - in order to take over this country and SUSPEND the US Constitution! THERE IS NO BIRD FLU Pandemic - except the one that was genetically engineered by Baxter Pharmaceutical, FEMA and WHO; They will then make it MANDATORY that people take (deadly) VACCINE - which will kill people; Those who resist will be taken to FEMA "detention" camps (and really death camps)! Many in Congress are unaware of FEMA's & Homeland Security Agency's Plans, but factions of the US Gov -under the guise of FEMA have been planning these Concentration Camps for Years! They plan to use Martial Law to murder American Citizens and decrease the population! Check out the LINKS in the attachment - watch the videos! I repeat - THERE ARE DEATH TRAINS - to take people to DEATH CAMPS Not work or detention camps (there are NO Housing Accommodations , just gas chambers and incinerators!; They don't even have those in Guantanamo Bay -for the REAL terrorists! so what the HELL are these facilities doing on AMERICAN SOIL ! ?? for YOU and YOUR FAMILY! That's who! Google REX87; Again, These videos are DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE by reputable scientists, JOURNALISTS and congressmen; This is not hype, this is not crazy; this is not radical talk! THIS IS REAL! We are going to experience FAR WORSE than what was perpetrated by Nazi Germany during WWII It will most likely take you a few hours to go through the links. Be sure to watch all of the Youtube videos, first in order to get a quick overview of what's going on. (SEE the criminal complaint filed by Austrian Journalist, Jane Bugermeister against FEMA, and Baxter Pharmaceuticals); BUT ONCE THINGS START TO HAPPEN- and there is a military presence in your area - DO NOT ! I REPEAT ... DO NOT! EXPOSE YOURSELF TO ARREST! go into seclusion; do not voice protests (by yourself) ! do not voice anti-government sentiments! ( pack what you can carry (backpacking) just take your family and LEAVE! - or join neighborhood watch groups! Hopefully there will be still some remaining in Government or Congress who can take action and suspend this ILLEGAL Martial Law. If you act alone - YOU WILL BE SINGLED OUT! ARRESTED, TAKEN TO FEMA CAMPS - AND KILLED! What you CAN do is write only trusted REPRESENTATIVES IN Congress! (one is Rep. Peter DeFazio - Oregon, and those congressmen on the Homeland Security Committee) send them links to information! Do it anonymously if you have to! They're probably asleep at the wheel if they are in office and they are not aware of these FEMA Concentration Camps! or what FEMA, Obama, and Clinton have been planning all along! But there ARE STILL some people in CONGRESS that are honest and decent citizens who want to uphold the US Constitution! Maybe it's too late for them to do anything now??! Maybe they still can??! ! There are still some in the military who have no idea why or WHAT the buildup IS FOR! They truly believe there is a "natural" Swine flu epidemic! They that THINK they are doing the right thing! You won't KNOW WHO you're dealing with! DO NOT TAKE ANY SHOTS OR VACCINES! DO NOT ALLOW YOUR CHILDREN TO BE VACCINATED! IF YOU ARE FORCED- MAKE A SCENE! IN PUBLIC! How can you take action to protect your family? 1) start hoarding some CASH NOW! and things to trade or barter - jewelry, staples, gold, etc. for immediate TRADE; they won't be much good afterward when Martial Law is enforced. 2) Start STOCKING UP and buy at LEAST 1 or 2 MONTH'S WORTH OF WATER, FOOD STAPLES, canned goods (fresh vegs & fruit but won't last long) (Ensure, Gator Ade, canned vegs, Powdered Milk, bottled water or a REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER SYSTEM, Protein Powder, beans, rice, pre-packaged vacuum sealed food if you can get it online); CANDLES, CANNED GOODS! BATTERIES, FIRST AID ITEMS, CRITICAL MEDICATIONS; masks (gas mask, tyvek suit, filter masks) (all utilities, phone, TV, internet will most likely be suspended). (after that you will most likely be mobile on foot); Do not drink TAP WATER or store bought bottled water AFTER the Martial Law is declared! FILTER YOUR OWN - with a portable commercial grade - REVERSE OSMOSIS UNIT! One that you can take with you - if you are mobile. BUY NON-GMO SEEDS PACKETS ONLINE! (many new seed are terminator seed and will not grow new plants from the seeds of that harvest of plants. or they will have no new seeds at all); they will try to starve the masses; stock up! Find an underground shelter or places to hide/hoard food if possible. 3) at the first signs of trouble - on the news or in your neighborhood -STAY HOME FROM WORK! KEEP YOUR KIDS OUT OF SCHOOL! 4) IF YOU ARE TOLD TO EVACUATE - DO NOT GET INTO TRAINS -OR FOLLOW THE CROWDS! TAKE YOUR FAMILY AND FLEE ON YOUR OWN ! do NOT be herded WITH CROWDS; 5) If you can afford a short wave radio or HAM radio and a CB radio- GO BUY ONE! now! (the internet will probably be suspended); GPS unit (will probably not work for very long - they may jam the satellites); a compass; satellite phone (although probably won't work for long); a LORAN (yes, an old fashion boat LORAN system); 6) If you can afford a small diesel generator or hydro (water) generator - buy one! maybe a small one that you can carry; portable sterno units; matches, lighters. 7) Same - if you can afford to buy a small portable (mobile) solar powered appliance recgarger or phone recharger - so that you can carry it with you! (forget your cell phones! they won't work! batteries); (there are water powered batteries -(hydro electric batteries) online - if you are serious survivalist - these are worth it); 8) This may sound nuts but, search out caves; or go to a remote island or country; if you can, hire a sailboat with a captain if you don't know how to sail); or if you know someone with a sailboat - better make some plans for a LONG TRIP! again get an old fashion LORAN system; again - satellites will be jammed and the newer systems won't work! a good reliable "chronagraph" watch and a good compass will do just as well! (read the book "Longitude" to learn how to use them); if you can afford a vacation - go sometime in Sept - before things start to happen. 9) survivalist or camping equipment - Swiss army knife/tool set; 10) PORTABLE water purifier; with extra filter cartridges 11) maps & survivalist manuals 12) GUNS - Look what happened during Katrina - looters, crazies; If people stick together during this time- and help one another - we WILL SURVIVE this! We can lie low - and peacefully help one another, and wait out the "FLU"; if FEMA authorities come for YOU or your family (for no reason) you KNOW they are up to no good! - YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO PROTECT YOURSELF. IF you are able to FIGHT - do so! EVEN WITH UN TROOPS ALREADY STATIONED HERE ON AMERICAN SOIL ...#1 THEY ARE OUT NUMBERED BY US! #2 It is against the US constitution for American Troops or foreign troops for that matter - take up arms against American Citizens on American Soil; AS AMERICAN CITIZENS WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES AGAINST TREASONOUS ACTS AGAINST THE US CONSTITUTION. FEMA IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! FORCED VACCINATION IS A VIOLATION OF OUR CIVIL RIGHTS! THE SECOND AMENDMENT OF THE US CONSTITUTION GIVES US THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Use it or lose it people! REMEMBER WE OUTNUMBER THEM! DON'T BE HERDED TO DIE IN A DEATH CAMP! 13) again - things will probably start to take place around Sept / October - Keep your kids & family close to home; listen to your shortwave radio - PBS (public radio, Alex Jones, or any other trustworthy internet news source; if people start to go "missing" or it is reported that people are disappearing (most likely prominant outspoken talk hosts who speak out against FEMA or the Obama Administration - BE PREPARED to take your family - and leave! Go somewhere remote; if you are still able to leave - take a vacation to FIJI or some remote place; but get the HELL out of town while you can still leave! FIND CAVES; visit a foreign country (Asia, France said it WILL REFUSE TO DECLARE MARTIAL LAW); DRIVE remote roads (or motorbike); hike, take a sailboat, a private plane, or any unusual means of transportation that you can - Because you will most likely be taken custody at public airports; YOUR CELLPHONE CAN BE TRACKED! ditch it! 14) If you don't already OWN A GUN - GET ONE! iT'S ALSO a good idea to start taking some shooting lessons. join a shooting range or a gun club! 15) PRAY; PRAY ALONE; PRAY IN GROUPS; joint MASS PRAYER groups! It worked during WWII - it will work AGAIN! If you do nothing... (if you do not even research this to see if this is all real) - you will probably join the masses - for whatever they have in store --- for you!
Location: Everywhere
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