Thursday, August 06, 2009

im off the news,,i cant stomachj it anymore
so i come to the computer and what is all over the net????
doom and destruction :
Unclaimed dead stack up in Wayne County morgue ((( this is whats gonna happen to me )))
Obama as joker explained
omgod,,i knew it,,food is gonna become too expensive - we r all going to starve,good thing im used to that.
Demand At Food Banks Up, Even In Well-Off D.C. Suburbs

OMG first california and now other states are out of money
Possible National Guard Deployment in Alabama Result of Bankster Scam
thats all i can deal with for now,,excuse me while i go jump off the confounded bridge
The Expiring Economy
yep.. they cant hide this when it becomes too big to not notice the economy,
even children feel somethings wrong.

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