Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my shoulders knees and feet are in my way-metho is ready to be picked up,,but i may have to wait until tonitetoget it,, kellys stresed cuz shawnys not acting rihgt at work,,shes twisting off and
and also got her friend hired who is a druggie and a looser, its alot of tension up there and and its
bringing people down,,it affects the attitudes
everyone there (everyones gripping-how embarrassing for her)
USA is freakingout ,,townhall meetings gone mad
what i see here is a bunch of ppl who dont wanna pay for someone elses abortion its
what they keep gripping about-MYGOD we r already doing that,who else pays for the times someone else cant -i cant understand how people think they got a good deal right now,,with premiums so effing high - and the cost of anything at hospital is just unbelievable-this country is freaking out completely - i swear i do not see a future after about five yrs form now ,,its probably why i see the world ending becaus4 i hear its gonna get worse - and they R lying about the unemployment too,,they claim its leveling off,,riiiiiiiiiiight.
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