Saturday, November 17, 2012

Re: ROUBINI: Perfect Storm Or Not, 2013 Looks Awful!!!
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Mars enters Capricorn now, on November 16 or 17
Re: ROUBINI: Perfect Storm Or Not, 2013 Looks Awful!!!
Mars enters Capricorn now, on November 16 or 17, depending on where you are. This is a very important ingress. As discussed before, it has a historical correlation to an escalation of military threats in the Middle East involving Israel. If you have been watching the news, you know this has already begun. As Friday’s Wall Street Journal reported, “Israel pounded the Gaza Strip with planes and artillery for a second straight day and began mobilizing tens of thousands of troops, while Palestinian militants mounted their deepest-ever missile strikes into the heart of Israel.” As Mars approaches Pluto and forms a square to Uranus November 22-27, this dangerous and explosive situation could erupt the closer we get to that time band. And it may involve other areas too, besides the Middle East.
~The USA never came out of the Recession of 2008, which was in fact a depression.
~the signs are every were the world IS going to change BIG TIME!

[DT] Hatsune Miku - "Ievan Polkka" /psychological warfare everywhere

psychological warfare everywhere

Friday, November 02, 2012

"TARES" or "weeds "

911 DNA Mutation Ritual Explained.

Destruction of the twin 23 pair Chromosome DNA's
to be replaced by one combined mutated DNA.

I'll let pictures do the talking.
Download and save for reference:

also the attack was on jesus' REAL birthdate. he was born sept 11 3 B.C.E
and NOT dec 25th.which is the birth of the sun god(saturnalia).which is totally pagan
Jonathan Kleck explains:


Boy, two, is first person in the world to be born with an extra strand of DNA
By Daily Mail Reporter
Created 12:24 PM on 11th April 2011
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A two-year-old boy has become the only person in the world to be diagnosed with an extra strand in his DNA.
Brave Alfie Clamp was born blind and with severe disabilities, which led doctors to carry out various tests.
They revealed his seventh chromosome has an extra strand of material which has never been documented anywhere in the world before.
Doctors are baffled at his condition, which is so rare it does not have a name.