Saturday, May 31, 2008

i ddnt nap MUCH today and stayed numb on gifts from heaven called painaids..
it allowed me to ALMOST - keep up w/cake.she fixed the lawn mower(((BROKEN ofcourse)))))then mowed the Yard as we noticed a bad storm comming in from the west _ all the neighbors were doing their yards so WE HAD TO! jermain started it all @ 8.00 am then - this yard mowing thing -went right UP THE STREET- untill this whole block was mowed - we messed around Alot OUT-side and i was gonna go over to Marys today,,BUT it stormed at 9.30 am-10.30 am,,then after that -we went crazy with finishing the yard stuff- Tonys gonna look at our car - its gotta very bad leak [OIL] and he can tell us what to do,,
its saturday night & pretty late,,ive had this computer turned off for most of the day and had to force my self here now- i think i feel pain all around my wrists and noticed nodules around my wrists - so i gotta be pretty high on painaids to make a typing sesion and then the next day go backand discover all my type-os..and dislexia shit everywhere.. i usually fix as i go ,,,but sometimes its too much and i just let it go and get so effing embeasrresssed badly about my inadaquacies!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

OHGOD! i have not at all been able to write or sit at the computer at aLL, there have been times where ive been under the influence of heavy pain pills in order to do only a few things that i have been able to do,, combination of stress kelly and i not getting along very well due to financial strain, and lack of the meds that i need so badly -Rheumatoigist needed -will paint (art) for service- debi maddox,,know any rheumys that will trade art for remicade? i have nothing else of value to trade -
the ONLY way that ive been able to make it this far is thru sleeping all the tine to keep that RA back - it always hurts to wake up tho,,,hands feet ELBOWS and knees
took these pics today of my swollen feet and ebows and random shots toady-

Monday, May 26, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

another Bad RA day,,i cant type and dont feel good at all
Look at these effing elbows of mine..they hurt and my feet hurt Just AS BAD!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

RA on the loose today-
i am feeling like crap -no energy and i hurt VERY much in

hands- wrists- feet- knees- ELBOWS- and im sure ive forgotten to add something but thats OK,,we get the pic.
that trip to Morton ended up positive -thaNK GOD!
got prescriptions refilled and saw dr Kusi, ( i must say -i adore)hes so on top of things,,i thnk hes very brillant and has aLot going on out there at Morton-hes the director and i see why,,hes sharp and together!
my feelings were really hurt when i thought he didnt wanna be my dr ,i was so H-U-R-T! kelly typed up a great few paragraphs of what she called "Updates and Concerns",,it was very diplomatic and logical-he agreed as he read it- hes very intelligent im sure- anyHoo,i showed him my nodules,and i weigh 118 BLOOD PRESSURE was high- and i promised to join the physical reablatation center asap-

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Taken from the Local(tulsa,OK) headlines today,,
Monday was the hottest day of the year so far. In Tulsa we hit a high of 94 degrees which was 14 degrees above normal and 2 degrees shy of tying the record high of 96 degrees, set in 2006
MY POINT? can i just have some effing NORMAL weather like stable and NORMAL,,OK?
i NOTICED YESTERDAY (did NOT feel good at ALL yesterday) that the skies were FULL of thick chemtrails again,,no blue sky could be seen just a thick haze thruout the skies and now im sick sick sick - swollen wiht RA ,elbows are so bad / Nodules hurt .
I found them (N)on my wrists now,, must photo them,,TODAY I go to MORTN again, to see Dr Kusi,as per their (Betty= in charge of morton's human resourses department) directions,from the last horricfic visit out there.

Monday, May 19, 2008

wow monday AM already, im oK ive slept Alot and thats always a goood thing- post more alittle later,,its too early and i am not in the mood here- i feel too quiet- and my lil fingers hurt to type,I discovered new nodules,tho,,and nuopathy has rreturned bigtime,in hands and feet - it wakes me up in the middle of the night-over and over- burning, and itching

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

kellys at skewl - shawny stopped by and the very first thing she said to me was " OMG!look @ you.... YOU look so MUCH BETTER your face has really gone down"(Elvis is taking my picture now) so i am glad to report that i have increased in energy,,decreased in appitite and THATS just fine, no facial-flushing and or swelling in the eye temple area,,AKA facial-Edema(i just learned about that via kelly 1st then webMD) and i just feel alot better off the Neurontin = aka gabapentin ,,im sure.
OH agai its a rainy cold day,,the "Hostas-in the garden" are luvin it,,but my bones are not

Monday, May 12, 2008

it s monday and we slept in,,cuz kelly is taking off work today and tomorrow- we are Bums right now but its COLD OUT -49 degrees is very very chilly for this time of year,,ive been ultra cold everyday except maybe three or four days so far this year -
this is THE MOST strange WEATHER!!! im surprised our plants are growing-

Friday, May 09, 2008

this was thursday sirens going off in tulsa oklahoma,,someone reported rotation,,BIGdeal,,i swear,,its truely "the BOY who cried WOLF" here B/C i never go to the basement -they r over reacting on the news (As usual)

i can tell EXCACTLY where this HOUSE is on this map,and KNOW that rotation is not a threat for me at all / im very comfortable w/ tornadoes and them being right around me,,as i can count over 5-X ive been very very close to a tornado and (not afraid) ,,and thought it very very "mother nature in charge" and i was FASCINATED!! its a science thang! (i LOVE SCIENCE!!)

its early friday,,cake is getting ready while i try to get over all this pain,,its ALL from YESTERDAY which i MUST LOG here as soon as i get back from downtown,,the past few days have been real ruff and its all medical bullshit again,,i cant wait to write about it all,,-i DONT want to forget what happened and in what order,,so document document document,,asap,.,i must rest fingers now (typing hurts)

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

guess im just freaked out about the nodules thing,, it scares me,,cuz it means that i reallly do have RA alright,,(still in denial)

Thursday, May 01, 2008

(((pic from last saturday i believe)))

YEP i got nodules,,i lookeed it up on the net ,not much other then only a few RA ppl get them -great>ME! and they do biopsy to ensure no malignancy....
and i have nodules on both of my arms at the back side of ellbows,,right where it HURTs damnit! / i told kelly i was gonna saw off my arms just above the elbows for relief - tying to conserve my darvon,,,EVERYthing costs SO MUCH_right now_is so expensive_and we are reaLLY strapped as far as mola goes,
i mean we r broke!
(i gotta get ta horein' again-LOL!ITS A JOKE!)
like my new icons i made over there------>>>>> links to my pictures and my things at esnips,,its all right here,,i love it,but the icons do NOT LINK in firefox,,i cannot understand why code would be different in one browser then the other ,,,weird,,never ran into that before,,