Sunday, November 30, 2008

its 8.o clock in the morn,,,kellys snoring now -im up- been up from about 7.-7.30 am,,the cats(both baby and elvis were climbing on me and they woke me up) heheehe
cats r cuuuuuuuute...........

Saturday, November 29, 2008

hola, hago una enfermedad llamar…
AKA : RA.blaaah,,my neck hurts,,Kelly said it looks inflamed this morning.

its almost 11.30 am on Saturday,,im real dis-orientated due to kelly being off work for this holiday and i swear,,was it a Holiday? i guess ...???i did not feel like it was a holiday,all i know is A WHOLE LOTTA PEOPLE WANNA GET TOGETHER and its great,we just LOVE this part of the holiday..ive already become emotional today about the plan for today-my neck hurts,,i took 2 darvons to help and 4 ibuprophine and a klonipin to chase away the anxiety ..kel's got high anxitity too,,we both feel reaallllly weird,,i think its cuz we both have sinus infections but my soul is feeling something ,,Kelly's feelin it too,,i dunno what,,but im uneasy and feel like im afraid of something-even the Klonipin wont make it go away.
i am upset because of the fact that today is "relatives day" and i cant go,,i want to go but i cant be ready in time,,,1 hour and half, i need about 3 hours to get ready..neck pain and the ol'collar bone which is weird cuz its really hurts but noone can say what it is
- so, im not going,,- kellys OK w/that and understands totaly-and said the plans keep changing anyways ,,now everyones going back out to the country ADAIR OK- i had to take 2 darvon my neck hurt so they are starting to kick in,i feel super dizzy and need to go lay down ug! whew-

~amo las flores y belleza y todas las cosas bastante~i do!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai (i know it as bombay) is falling apart,they say its a precurser,im alittle worried,,i think i should try to make the most outof each day -be thankful for each day and for the things i have
God knows it could be alot ALOT worse for me......
this thankgiving day in pictures

kellys grandma della (chouteau oklahoma)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

good morning all u Rheumatoid people out there and othrs who just like to read about my boaring and painful life....heheee(humor)- love my life tho,,would not trade it for nothing,,well,,ok,,id rather be holly marie combs or angelina jolie or some one great and important and influencial,,but its just me here and kelly and 3 lil kittens elvis scottyboobear and star
we are all doing OK except we need our car fixed badly and the kitten is approching
6 mnths now,,>time for a fixing<
and thats expensive - i told kelly if i have to i will get a part time job at the shell gas station around the corner,,if i have to,,shes so funni,, she said ,,thats great,,in between naps,,,perfect,,zzzzzzzzz -i am sleeping my life away BUT ITS THE ONLY ONLY way to keep the RA back,,i thank GOD i have the opportunity to sleep like i do,id be really crooked if i did not sleep all the time - its nature's medicine against the RA --- im still doing 15mg of pred instead of twenty --took about a month to adjust,,i felt sore and swollwen and not so good ..but im doing oK for now,,and i can start to prepair for my hearing in front of a judge about my right to SSDI,,,i cannot believe that its assigned now,,i am so scared tto loose,,i feel like if i loose ,,,,my world will fall apart,,we need that income and i cannot
see me not getting it - gulp......TRASHDAY!!wednesday!get that trash outta here--ahhhhhhhhhh i missed the darn truck,,shesh,,gotta wait until sat now,,,,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i LOVE cats,,,
i woke up late,,6.15 am,,and i hurt,,i had stiff fingers and fweet and my neck hurt bad,,i doo not think i slept well,,the weather is good, we have not really had that "deep cold "yet,,so ll thse plants are still out on the porch,i cover them at nite to perotect them,,, i cannot even think of moving all those plants into this house,God, i wish i had a grreenhouse out -back.

im in the middle of getting ready to take kelly to work,,i will post more later today
pics from this AM;

Monday, November 24, 2008

e is something else..mad and grumpy?

star is oblivious to anything that doesnt involve her
kelly takincare of business

tonite is typical night , kell's doing homework, and im cooking dinner (burgers on our indoor grill that we love so much)))that ol' thang (indoorgrill)brought a whole wonderful new flavor to anything you cook on it, fish-cod -orange roughy- ground sirloin, chicken breasts- i do not eat meat that often,but when i do i like to have kelly indoor grill it,,cuz it tastes so good.
~i have to say i do feel alot better ,,i have a bad sinus issue, eyes hurt and head hurts allergies are real bad,,everyone is complaining-but my RAis "under control" for the first time in,i cant say when...its because i feel like help is onthe way-so my stress is not so high-and the ability to nap in the afternoons(hate it) but it keeps the RA away - ive been taking alot of vitimans-they are really helping,,i am being religious aboutit and i swear i can see a diff in my skin and everything,,i just hate taking pills tho,,i reallllllly hate takiing pills,,i never ever liked taking pills to begin with - my mom had to force me to take just "bayer asprin "as a kid..i would NEVER take the medicine, im still like that too,,,im a dork.

they sure are talking about UFOs alot lately i love crop circles

monday morn, im up and feeling ok,,helpin'kelly get ready for work now-trying to get organized for this day,i have some energy and its best in the AM for me,,come afternoon i just go right down hill,,i wonder if its because of 15 mg of prednisone -
i should take more / i need more but no way-...i have worked soo hard to get to 15 mg everyday- down from 20 -
my RA has not been as bad lately,,i dio feel it bad in my neck area,,and collar bone too,,i pointed that out to the doctor,,she took a good look at my neck area that has the issue..and checked out my collar bone, nothing to say but RA indeed....she was sooooooooooo nice and IM SO GaLD
i found compassionate care..and true look at what i am saying instead of just saying whatever,,like Morton does,,,MORTON is a let down, im surprised because i felt very positive about that place..i said only good things about them,,and as each visit came and went,,i saw the - truth-under that big new beautiful building -just a scam ad i wish the government knew about what is going on out there,,everyone i know complains abut that place,,about the inadequate care and harsh attitudes out there too,,,blahh,,,mean people suck!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

We went to a show last night, with Angela and Joy, and Joys mother and dad AKA Don and Nancy Franklin-and all the other relatives on joys side,it was a great place to watch a old film black/white with no sound- 2 people played this special organ with pipes that went right along with the movie,i was simply entertained,a film that featured Gary Cooper for the FIRST TIME-I do not reacal the name (could google it but i dont want to)