Tuesday, September 18, 2012

  NO ONE  knows  ..

Saturday, September 08, 2012

and then there is this .... (((Very slow load))))

The end of the countdown is on 9/9/12 at 13:23:33

*** human being the password, and noctes meaning nights*****

The clock will stop exactly at the 9th september 12:13:32GMT

a little more than 23hrs left here.
The frequency of 5+ earthquakes in the Indonesia/Philipines area is really picking up today:
 [link to quakes.globalincidentmap.com]

the fact that this clock has been running for 10yrs tells me this may be a little more than a simple PR-gimmic

been sayin the sun is different and seems bigger or briter,,like a litebulb before it burns out -just before it burns it gets really white,or the color of the light changes,, i compare the sun to this lite bulb.
also forthe past year,, when chemtrails are NOT present, i notice the clouds look different too. OK, they are much bigger puffy and beutiful but they are so close to earth,, they are lower to the ground

Clouds are Getting Lower

This is from an article:

'Earth's Clouds Are Getting Lower, Which Could Be a Good Thing'

Earth’s clouds are sinking lower in the sky, with fewer clouds at high altitudes and lower cloudtops in general, says a new analysis of satellite data. The coming fog means that Earth will cool down more efficiently — so the lowering of clouds could slow the effects of global warming.

This potential negative feedback loop is evident in about 10 years of satellite data, so not much at all in the grand scheme of climate research.

But it’s a hint that something interesting is happening, according to Roger Davies, the lead researcher on a new paper based on findings from NASA’s Terra spacecraft.


so then, im not crazy??? ..good.
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The Van Allan Belt theory that our ionosphere and atmosphere closing in on us could be accurate..
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the clouds have changed,clouds are also moving in different directions,clockwise and anticlockwise while some clouds stay static,the clouds have really weird shapes as well

man made weather control,99% of people are oblivious

Saturday, September 01, 2012

i have completed two paintings,
they are for sale  -make an offer if interested please. i beg of you.
*the painting on the right is  not  finishd in this picture.