Friday, February 27, 2009

its friday and the cold air caME BACK AGAIN we keep going from 70 degrees t5o 20 degrees and i now have a cold,,which i believe will turn into broncitus again (like sept 30 emergency rooom)
but its early and i may snap out fo it -RA is so bad in my neck and feet now--I CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR ABOUT THE RESULTS OF MY ((nuclear magnetic resonance imagingimaging I HAD DONE YESTERDAY---- MRI heheee it was wild,,and i had to lay still for about 30 so hyper that made it hard to do.
what worries me even more is sun spots and the 24th comming cycle,,its a sicientific fact here folks and im alittle worried 2012 right around the corner.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Klaatu barada nikto!

i think its thursday -i have not been well and i also had to go to the city again for eye exam,,and the results are depressing,i have cateracks,,,,from the prednison..i KNEW something was wrong with my eyes,,i said i had RAin my eyes,,,but i am going blind from carteracks,,, found out its gonna taKE surgery,,and im notwlling right now- and then i had to go had a MRI done on my neck area,,they are looking serouios at my neck finaly after me crying and complaining all the time = omg it hurts so bad,,ive been out of it due to alot of pain medicine. and my RA hs been so actve,i could not type at all for days,my fingers had so many splits and were so swollen,,i have not taken photos and or movies cuz i havenot been able to handle anything other then sleeping.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


hello st paul minneota )place i lived as a child and we went to como park zoo aLOT!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh my gosh look :
Sonic booms and at least one fireball in the sky were reported in Texas on Sunday

wow tellin ya,,the times ahead are going to be wild and unbelivible
what ever happens do not take the chip,its the mark of the beast im sure all agree,,right? l know im not takin it NO effing chip
happy Vday
time to graduate
shawny can drive very good while speeding
flying down the hiway!
drive shawny drive !!!
we got there JUST IN TIME!

so much time has gone by and alot has happened.
we had TINA here with us and it was nice to just hang out and visit and shes just great.
she and i tried to have the best time for kelly and her graduation time, it was all so nice and the day (saturday) went by beautifully. Shawny came to get us and and it was all perfect. i had camera issues and could not get most of the day on film,,,i was able to get a few pictures before my camera went dead,
we had so much fun,,at one point we (me kelly and tina ) had gotten alittle crazy -goofy- laffing in a few pictures where we were giving the illuminati signal with our hands - you know- god it was funni,
we just lafffed our butts off and no one else knew what we were going so crazy over.
seems to me we laughed the whole day long and it was a great time-i asked julie kelly (school director at metro) "can i have one of these lovely flowers for kelly?".she said yea, take all u want,,OMG i did,,LOOK:

baby star is NOW fixed! dr wolf did a great job and all the people at southern ag said she was soo sweet,they said she buried her cute lil head into her paws and into the blankie they gave hr,,she was too cute,,vickeys female didnt do so good. i mean she got vicious after surgery, and the vet helper said he had to wear gloves,,(OMG badcat )

Friday, February 13, 2009

WHAT-DO U KNOW,,,thought so,,huuuuuuuuuummm,fishy
9/11 Activist Who Sued Government Killed In Buffalo Plane Crash

AND OMG I KNEW those two were part of the CFR- bilderberg and bohemian grove klan.
she is giving the SIGN! im amazed. it'll get debunked tho,,and explained as just a posture and nothing more,,riiiiiiight.i still love michele obama tho,,i love their whole family,,i wish i knew them personally

its fridaY MORNING AND A AIRPLANE FELL OUTTTA THE SKY (this morning) ONTO A HOUSE IN BUFFALO NY..IM SHOCKED BECAUSE THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE.donniedarko. dream,,i will never fly because ive been in a situation on a flight to lasvegas years ago,,and that plane fell into ruff weather and we dropped like we were gonna crash untill the pilot got contol- i mean ppl were screaming,,i just sat there paralized and prayed -if i die before i wake,,i pray the lord my soul to take,,,,,,,,what else can ya do,,just pray ....WHATis WEIRD IS I HEARD THAT A LONE SURVIOR OF 911 WAS ON THAT PLANE AND SHE MAY MAY BE THE ONE WHO WOULD NOT SIGN OFF ON THE GOVERNMENT DEAL,I MEAN SHE HELD OUT FOR HER =BROTHER ON 911 WAS KILLED -- i smell a conspiracy here,,..goota go ,,drive down town,,pics when i get back,,,
yesterday inda car
oklahoma fersher!
the lake we found,,lake eufala

i worried about the baby the whole time ((we dropped her off at dr wolfs at 8:45 am ))then we just drove on down to OK city,ick...hate that city,,no beauty,,its all flat and no trees -just dont like ok. city at all.-dont know why ppl like it there. someone please tell me whats good
about OK city.
After the doctors visit((had xrays taken and thats all))
we drove back and got alittle sidetracked,,OK lost,,and ended up east instead of north,,heehheeee i had started to get into alot pain when we drove back,,it took 2 darvons and a flexeril and ibuprophine and a klonipin - i was ok then,,thsnk god 4 the pain medicine.
we made it back here HOME- around 6.00pm after getting star back here and helping vicky w/her kitten "emily" "a black and white"-who went with star to get fixed thursday ....
Star was fine and i had to just go to bed when we got home-i wanted to hold star and care for her.
i was in so much pain by this point,,kelly took care of baby star and the boy cats while i went to bed. i squirmed and squirmed because of the pain,,kelly brought me another flexiril and darvon,,and i was then able to feel relaxed enuff to sleep,,i could not get up,,i was so RD'd out,,my hands and elbows were in bad shape,,and thats what they xry'd,,
im glad they were in the swollen and ra state,,cuz the doctor xrayed my right side again after seeing the inflamation -i pray those Xrays look as bad a i feel.
UPdate the widow of 911 victim was killed in this crash i REALLY smell a conspiracy here.
she is the one who would not sign off on settlement from the government - they may have killed her this way,its just a thought here,,lets see what the "undergound reports" say :alex jones and

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

today went by fast,,im blurry visioned and feel over whelmed about the schedual for the next few days,,its alot of action.
we gotta get star fixed tomorrow and i go to the city (ok city) for a effing doctors appt for the court,,,its a medical examination and i have no idea why or what to expect,,all iknw is thank god for kelly,,shes taken the day off to drive me,,and help me. she had to rent a car tho,,cuz ours wont make it,, so this is costing us and we dont like it,, next week another trip for a eye exam which is crazy cuz i already have a appt here in tul for eyes on feb 24th,,OH GOD the system iis jacked up now

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

emachine,,i mean elvis!
shes just so damn cute and little!

star on my shoulder

i am not doing so good this week.
tuesday and i am having such a hardtime right now .. my neck hurts and i cant thik straight from the pain,,(((been like this fr aLONGtime now))) i am worried what RA is doing to my neck spine bones,,and i cant help but just load up on the darvon,, and stay still !!
i haVE been in incredible pain that drives me to crying ,,i cant control it, and it hurts,
i cant even type so swollen.

it hurts it hurts it hurts
i took 2 darvons instead of one,,lets wait and see if i can supress this pain,,
its in my neck so badly and my hands and knees and feet and thumbs too!
~the emd~

Sunday, February 08, 2009

what im lookin at
well,, the situation now is crazyand intense...
lemme explain...
got two letters from SSDI* they are sending me to Oklahoma city-hate that city-
they want me to test for eyes (i already have a eye appt on feb 23rd ) they also want me to go to a medical place to be seen,,soo the court is sending me to 2 doctors already,,i want to say WHY OK CITY
when the same is right here in tulsa,,thats a long drive and it will not be good for me to travel like that,,but ,OK so i go,,,,well,,i will be in a flare cuz of the drive ....i cannot sit like that,
OK city is effing FAR AWAY ... its like a damn hour and something.\
im very very disappointed,,and kelly now agrees with me that my atty,,,SUCKS the biggest!
she now sees his effing incompetence. hes not in this to win,,hes like,,,,"whatever"
kelly has a good point,,she said we outta be able to hear my side,,how do we get the court to hear debi b maddox's RAstory,,i have the pictures to rebut what the doctors say.
you know that i take pictures just about every day... medical records say generic things and
and do not describe the truth,,doctors are more interested in seeing the next patient,(more money) then filling out medical records accurately.. so where it says patient is fine,,i whip out my pics from that very day where i am swollen and crying and in a mess on every single medical appt day,,(i hate going to the doctors) it stressses me out,,and now you see why,nothing is ever done for me,,all they do is take away my medicine and replace it with nothing or crap like seriquil or freeky neurotin ,,,,,-OMG i AM NOT TAKING THAT SHIT period -
the doctors have been the biggest let down,, i thought they were on my side ,,but after seeing the records i see they are soooo into making money rather then helping me with all this.
i say this about doctor wiseman and all of the year i went to morton clinic,,they were all worthless documentation and im sooo disappointed, this is just bad,, my whole experience with RA,,the way the doctors told me,(so un-caring) to the way they treated me,,i tired to be upbeat,
and always follow along - good attitude only allowed them to run over me and push me around,,
and this atty im using is a D-I-C-K! (sorry but its true)
i didnt like him to begin with,,i had a bad feeling about him,,
i should have stuck with my own intuition -- i found out thru ppl whoKNOW about cases of SSDI
they all say kelly should have been allowed in the court w/ me,,and the pictures and a story by me could have been introduced -- other attys use pics and the input of their client,,hes a worthless $#@ and i wanted to fire him aLONG time ago (damnit) now we r stuck w this ass and i dont want to give him one penny he doesnt deserve it.
SO ive got all this to worrie about and now i read this at 8 oclock sunday morning:
Miami, FL (AHN) - The frozen remains of two mice infected with the bubonic plague are missing from a New Jersey bioterror research facility, and the facility waited seven weeks to report the incident to federal and state authorities.
OMG ! this world is probably gonna end in 2012 ... we just cant continue to rape this land the air and each other,,its gotta end somehow! 2012 bring it on!
now i found this site and was fascinated i have to read the whole site in order to understand
the bonus or the benefit of Communism --weird wild and interesting

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

i have not been well,, i am able to just blog for a little bit- its my RA...
its really letting me have it,,was driven to tears last nite and this am,, just hurts so bad and i had to try to calm -quiet it wwith more sleep and darvon all my insides hurt, my belly has been and is so swollen.
my hands were swollen and and my feeet were hurting so bad this AM
and oh my neck,, its alomst two oclock now and i gotta get it together,.i need to drive (go get K)
in a little little while and i am completly not ready to go anywhere, im worried about
how badly my neck is hurting,i swear2god-it is the worst pain -i was begging for mercy.
((ive fallen acouple of times due to numb feet-and head in the clouds) i re-hit and rebroke that toe again,,,i just bumped right into a chair and clipped the babytoe and it sentt my RA into full mode again. da pain ,dapain,,,Ohdapain.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

happy feb 1st,wow! i can not believe its 2009 and feb too ... already!i see time passing so quickly its amazing, is it real? or is it my imagination?ITS a sunny sunday morning.but chilly
im board so im blogging, story:
boo-boo was downstairs w/me this morning,and i was just amazed when i thought i heard him peeing,,and yes ,,its exactly what he was doing on plastic sheet that i had down on the ground for soil, and plants - i saw him give the corner of the area a good electric tail,-shakey-shakey electric tail- while just standing on the sheet of plastic, peee-ing--- i was stunned--- i just watched to see what the helll was next? nothing,,he walked away and acted all like he..." took care of something important" .

OMG, sooo i thew the plastic away and "pine sol'd" all around that area and got rid of any trace evidence,,dont wanna provoke any more of that kindof behaviour.....(star has vet. appt. for spay-ing on feb 12th? )