Friday, February 13, 2009

its fridaY MORNING AND A AIRPLANE FELL OUTTTA THE SKY (this morning) ONTO A HOUSE IN BUFFALO NY..IM SHOCKED BECAUSE THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE.donniedarko. dream,,i will never fly because ive been in a situation on a flight to lasvegas years ago,,and that plane fell into ruff weather and we dropped like we were gonna crash untill the pilot got contol- i mean ppl were screaming,,i just sat there paralized and prayed -if i die before i wake,,i pray the lord my soul to take,,,,,,,,what else can ya do,,just pray ....WHATis WEIRD IS I HEARD THAT A LONE SURVIOR OF 911 WAS ON THAT PLANE AND SHE MAY MAY BE THE ONE WHO WOULD NOT SIGN OFF ON THE GOVERNMENT DEAL,I MEAN SHE HELD OUT FOR HER =BROTHER ON 911 WAS KILLED -- i smell a conspiracy here,,..goota go ,,drive down town,,pics when i get back,,,
yesterday inda car
oklahoma fersher!
the lake we found,,lake eufala

i worried about the baby the whole time ((we dropped her off at dr wolfs at 8:45 am ))then we just drove on down to OK city,ick...hate that city,,no beauty,,its all flat and no trees -just dont like ok. city at all.-dont know why ppl like it there. someone please tell me whats good
about OK city.
After the doctors visit((had xrays taken and thats all))
we drove back and got alittle sidetracked,,OK lost,,and ended up east instead of north,,heehheeee i had started to get into alot pain when we drove back,,it took 2 darvons and a flexeril and ibuprophine and a klonipin - i was ok then,,thsnk god 4 the pain medicine.
we made it back here HOME- around 6.00pm after getting star back here and helping vicky w/her kitten "emily" "a black and white"-who went with star to get fixed thursday ....
Star was fine and i had to just go to bed when we got home-i wanted to hold star and care for her.
i was in so much pain by this point,,kelly took care of baby star and the boy cats while i went to bed. i squirmed and squirmed because of the pain,,kelly brought me another flexiril and darvon,,and i was then able to feel relaxed enuff to sleep,,i could not get up,,i was so RD'd out,,my hands and elbows were in bad shape,,and thats what they xry'd,,
im glad they were in the swollen and ra state,,cuz the doctor xrayed my right side again after seeing the inflamation -i pray those Xrays look as bad a i feel.
UPdate the widow of 911 victim was killed in this crash i REALLY smell a conspiracy here.
she is the one who would not sign off on settlement from the government - they may have killed her this way,its just a thought here,,lets see what the "undergound reports" say :alex jones and

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