Thursday, February 26, 2009

Klaatu barada nikto!

i think its thursday -i have not been well and i also had to go to the city again for eye exam,,and the results are depressing,i have cateracks,,,,from the prednison..i KNEW something was wrong with my eyes,,i said i had RAin my eyes,,,but i am going blind from carteracks,,, found out its gonna taKE surgery,,and im notwlling right now- and then i had to go had a MRI done on my neck area,,they are looking serouios at my neck finaly after me crying and complaining all the time = omg it hurts so bad,,ive been out of it due to alot of pain medicine. and my RA hs been so actve,i could not type at all for days,my fingers had so many splits and were so swollen,,i have not taken photos and or movies cuz i havenot been able to handle anything other then sleeping.

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