Thursday, April 30, 2009


its a rainy and chilly day .....this weather is NOT NORMAL,,,and i will tell ya what else is NOT normal,basically I'M CONVINCED THIS VIRUS WAS PLANTED AND PUT OUT FOR A PURPOSE ---WHY S IT POPNG UP LIKE THIS ONE CASE IN uk ONE CASE IN NETHERLANDS, ONE CASE IN FLORIDA , ONE CASE IN USSR (OR WHATEVR ITS CALLED NOW) GET MY POINT,,ITS NOT LOOKING TO BE A NORMAL SPREAD PATTERN,,IS ANYONE LOOKING OUT TO SEE IF ANY OF THE CASES HAD CONTACT IN ANY WAY W/ ANOTHR VICTIM ????? U KNOW!!! im greatly concerned now because its creepong in now,,and our sister TINA is in houston and her kids are on the school where there is a issue,i talked to her for a long time this mORNING ///we r freakingout about all the coffins everywhere,,plasTic FEMA things..and they are family sized coffins,,like they r gonna just thow us allin there until FULL! YIKES! ickky! i want my OWN coffin and i wanted it in a pyimid style and to be buried w/ all my egyptian amulets..i am shure there is a conspiracy in here somwewhere ..AND WHY THE BIG HUSH ON THE MAN IN MEXICO WHO GAVE PRESIDENT OBAMA A TOUR AND SPENT PLENTY OF TIME W/ OBAMA,,WHY IS OBAMA NOT SICK? HUH? I KNOW ITS NOT BCAUSE OF TAMAFLU - IT DOESNT WORK FOR THIS FLU,,SO I THINK HE WAS GIVEN A TREAMENT PRIOR TO THE TRIP TO KEEP HIM SAFE,,OR WAS IT A PLOT TO ASSISINATE OBAMA?????? U KNOW?? KILL HIM W/ GERMS>? VERY INTERSTING TO LET A SICK MAN IN MEXICO TRAVEL W/OBAMA,,ITS JUST NOT ADDNG UP TO ME
whos stoppin' by here,
~its a small world!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

disclosure time

OMG! awesome news
UFO videotaped over Giza Pyramid by weather cam April 10, 2009
on the more darker side:
look at a screenshot i took of all thc coffins in georgia
"googled earth'ed" it to see for myself!
click to see coffins stacked high and wide!(gulp)
submarine going down
click to view

wow ! swine is becoming more evident thaT they KNEW about this at least 6 months ago,,and i say they let it happen,,oh MEXICO, how perfect,, a little boy is "personZERO" and he caught it from an "american PIG farm" by his home! what do u know,,Americans are getting more and more deeper into trouble with the other countries--its ALWAYS our fault anytime something big happens,,we get the blame! god,,the rest of the world just HATES America for it gluttony and over against gluttony nd over indulgence..i thinnk its sinful./ and most other people do not share that opinion with me, NOONE is listenig to me,im telling kelly and danielle and shawny to be very caeful and this swine may seem to be over rated and its not in our face right now,,but very easily could be,,(new case now in muskoge oklahoma(-that person back from mexico) all im saynig is,, based on what i am reading from underground sites and posts from around america,,i smell a conspiracy,,and i still think we are being targeted by our own govenment -im tellin ya,,they want 2/ 3rds gone and soon,we r over crowded they say,,hummm.

Monday, April 27, 2009

i see EGYPT!!!

Good Morning people ! Time to get your paranoid On:
SWINE FLU is just what i have been waiting for,,to make sence out of all the FEMA coffins being seen around this country(texas oklahoma-yikes-georgia-california-and utah-so on)
please watch this video about our future
screensaver deepsea travels

screensaver earth

the book im reading now

i cant get away from my screensavers that are soooo cool. i have to do alot today ... today is prescription day,,i need to refill my pain and my prednisone.danielle is settled in her room up front, and we (kelly and me) are trying real hard to just "go with the flow" cuz ya never know whats going to hit ya when you are not looking.we are under soo much stress and i think that with danille and her help with rent will allow alittlebit of "peace of mind" for kelly //// we have been at each other for some time,,im defensive and feel like im worthles so i think everything she says is personally attcking me,,(i just feel so damned guilty for having limits on my time ..activity and strength, and endurance,,i have absolutly NO endurence,,i tire - out just climbing my stairs at home..its hard for me to keep up0 the strength to type here,,i find that my hands and shoulders andneck just start in with all the pain from RA and neopathy in my hands makes them feel wet all the time,,i noticed that i have uncontrolable ithing in my palms and fingers and what ever i do,,i cannot get rid of the uinternal itch i think thats neropathy,,need to check that out via google,

gotta break now,arms are numb fingers are numb..bbl..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

we were up late last nite, becky came over and we cooked out on the grill .we drank alittle wine and sat on our front porch until late,i had to get up and have prednisone .
Q:is this FLU thing why FEMA needs all the coffins??? A:probably,,if not,,this is just a testrun.
i think this is a good news artical:
People who are becoming accustomed to the practices and motives of our criminal government tried to warn you of an impending flu pandemic, but your TV training taught you to dismiss them all as "crazy conspiracy theorists," and you naturally associated all their warnings with stories of Bigfoot and UFO abductions, just as you were trained to do.
The good folks of FEMA predicted a need for a few million plastic coffins, which are now spread out across the country, but despite this revelation, most of America still thinks their biggest concern is a toss up between the Super Bowl and American Idol.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

beautiful screensaver=i just sit and stare forever
im up early to get my meds,darvon and prednisone(i worked too hard yesterday)
its warm now 90 degrees -the season went from winter straight into summer,,NO SPRING at all.

Friday, April 24, 2009

OMG- swine flu is coming,, it better NOT get outta control here in USA, California and NY -and TEXAS..too close for comfort....
i had worked hard today to help pave the way for danille to move in with us..we needed a romate and god provided one,,and we know her thru patsy and allen B (she is mother to colins child,,patsy and allens son colin and colin really doesnt have anything to do with Danielle and her daughter (colins daughter named anastasha) so we are not worried - all is under control.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

have tried all these...
omg its ME and my camera
whatsgoing in there .
im feeling abit "cursed" im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo depressed,,,my case is still on the judges desk,,no word on his decision and we arent doing so well,, im weaning off the meds,,prednisone included, and its starting to be oK but its ruff.
there for a while,,my head/brain was always swimming from lack of anti depressants,

i am takiing them away because there is NO refill for me - i have no doctor for that,im going to see a new shrink (for free) tomorrow- i ws told to prepare for about 4-5 hours there,,(OMG) another system JUST LIKE FAMILY AND CHILDREN services(who i was seeing the last shrink(tracy-i liked her) the last time I was there i had to see doctor and he was such a "dick" to me..totally blew me off with his patronizing me and un-empathetic attatude,he was rude and hateful and am not going back to a place thats RUDE! im already sensitive and in a "state",so why u wanna mess me up more,,mr doctor?? its all because its for indigent care and its completely inadequate in all aspects for me,, and my rheumatoid arthritis case and depression from rheumatoid arthitus and all othr shit that goes along with r.a.
i am with a host of issues,i cannot swallow, so eating is hard- i told my shrink that the last time and she told me what its called,,and shes aware of r.a. and all the crap that comes w/it,,too bad i cant see HER regularly (dr grayson)... i had to buy her time (cost 300) at the SAME TIME OUR car broke down,,we had to get the waterPump replaced.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

me and kel trying 2 get ready for a dinner thing out friday nite.
hehehe curlers.
saturday,,im with RA today..its
reeeeeeal humid and saposed to rain and thats why i feel RA'D sure

Friday, April 17, 2009

heheee funnipic
Kats are aliens

take another look,,OMG

well,its offical now,,we are actuly going out to dinner...whoa,,its been like 7 yrs REALLY,,weve been to restaurants and all,,but its always been w/ the 70 yr olds,,(aww nothin wrong with that)
but kelly's friends @ her job said come on ,,so we are !.heheee,,
ive had my nap and i feel OK,,im alittle panicked ya know,,,gore phobia and all,,but here we go,,
(i will try to get pics-if no one is bothered by it)--ive been soooo withdrawn and in side my self for about 2 weeks now,,i have just felt real creepy and negative so i didn't" blog " much or even really do anything special except to keep the RA under control and keep doing good and only good. im so tired lately and soooo behind in all my housework.i feel inadequate

Thursday, April 16, 2009

funni elvis (yawning)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

michelle is sooo pretty here
is it wed already? jesh,,
- i must say=i certainly feel alot better,even with the lower doses im taking, i predicted a smooth effort tho -if i do it slowly...
but prednisone is a different story, i dont know the risks or if i should get to 5 mg daily and keep it there,,i need to research that subject...for guidance. i only know the human body produces the natural prednisone and by me taking it artificially then my own body stopped producing it,,so i gotta figure out what the hell the deal is on this so i dont hurt myself weaning down,,,,they say i shouldn't be messing with it,,but i know my body,,and my body says get down as low as possible and hold it,,,,,until we can get off this stuff all together.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ola,,its a pretty and warmer Tuesday morning,,im a ittle tired now from cleaning house all morning long.
na just log the fact that i am feeling mucho better - RA has receded, the only thing is really my neck hurts bad..i always take that darvon to be rid of the pain - if not, then my eyes water from the constant pain there, and to turn my head is almost to much,,the bones much be really be messed up in there,,i dunno at all,,but i feel like it seriously messed up in there ,,,my welfare doctor who charges not one penny to see me,,says "oh u got a little bit of arthritis in your biggy",,OK,,well,id trade ya,my neck for yours doctor, doctors are so different today,, this doc that i am seeing is YOUNG .. id guess around 30 ... i noticed the only doctors that have good manners are all the older ones from old school-i have heard it said from nurses i know,,that the kids comming out of med school today don not know as much as the used to ,,the educating and philosophy has changed

Monday, April 13, 2009

monday morning and its chilly but after today we get warmer weather,,(thats about time)i thought we were gonna go from winter straight in to summer,,,no spring,its been TOO cold
anyhoo..lifes a bit boring and ive been sleepin' alot,,still down to 1/2 (half) of aaalll my meds every morning,i noticed i can go two days with out the lexapro,,my head starts swishing around from withdrawals - and i loose my peripheral vision then i know its time to take another lexapro,,,then wait again for those symptoms- time grows larger between each doese. i want to kleen my spirt and body,for the coming enlightenment that everyone says is coming in 2012..i wanna be fit and ready to run if the world comes crashing down...LOL!!!!seriously joking here folks-
i was reading another blog and could NOT RESIST linking to it
the info is astounding and its very intriguing website, also has alot of photos that are interesting to say the least

alien baby awwwww (i want one!)
Do you want to age more quickly? Just take antidepressant drugs. Check out the bad news about how these drugs make you older (but not wiser):

rightwing extremism on the rise,says the news..gulp.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

its raining and cloudy and chilly out - i see our hosta's arre really taking off this year,and we have tulips in front (so pretty)
kell's depressed & I feel numb,
im not motivated cuz the weather is cold and rainy
(i feel the RA alot more now b/c of the cut backs in all meds)
whew,, i got up at 9.00 am,,now i wanna lay back down,,its only 12.00 noon and i have no appitite or motivation .. i was /have been tryingto creat my own movie..its where i am most of the time now ..tryingt o compose this AVI ,,and while i started out with an idea,,to make a CDto sleep to,,real positive stuff to listen to while dreamimg its been taking up alot of my free time ,,it requires my attention and
i find it hard to accomplish anything after hours of messing around,,here is a sample of the pics im using for the classic music in background=

Saturday, April 11, 2009

OMG US right here in google earth!our street.14th street.
my virus's

my computer had viruses that needed to be tended to. I could not keep my intenet explorer open,,it crashed while i was only browsing over and over again,so i knew somethng was wrong. windows I.Explorer caused a error in xvid.dll
(dot).DLL -serious stuff- dunamic link libary cant have errors -so i had to research and get it kleened up. this robot kleened my 2 hard drives (240 gigs) (new virus protection).very kewl.
im crazy they say,,,but its a game that i play,,
noone knows what the rules are and i can stay so far away -
and no one will ask, and no one will wonder, and no one will see, the real me.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Full Moon in Libra Thursday, April 9, 20097:56am PDT19ยบ 53’ whoa ...

hi all,,im really swollen this AM due to the cut back in pills i take each day,,one reason is to be prepaired for the future,,i think at the END OF THIS YEAR>>> we will know if our back yard gardens will become ILLEGAL
unless we register the plants w/ BIG-BRO--0h they do want it all dont they,,i sound "crazy" about whats going on in the background here in USA-
but i would not even think of such things if i didnt have the Internet to search and discover.
i saw this on CNN late last nite,,had to dig to find it online,,,,want a smile?
look at this:
~dancing in the subway /UK~

whats gonna happen in 2012 dec 21st? im gettng a little worried now - thinkin' do need to stock up on storible long lastnig food seeds water weapons and anything else,Oh our military clothing from glenna,(she gave us all her boots, fatigues, military jackets,,skirts,,and LOL -all of it),, we gotta keep that stuff handy and also fire,,matches, and blankets,i gotta make a survival pack down in the basement - fersher! asap.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

its Tuesday morn and still have bad splits in my fingertips,,i MUST take pics and try to get good print s of it,,its so strange,,i dont do anything to cause it,,it happens while im sleeping,,my finger tips skin split open like razor cuts and it wakes me up in the middle of the night -i gotta get up an take painaid and dunk my fingers into this lotion/butter type stuff ... to quiet the pain of it...
crazy ,,just crazy.
shawny got hired at kellys POE (place of employment) so she comes over here then i drive both downtown and in her car, its convenient and im glad kellys friend is now gonna be there - it will help with having fun and not being so stressed out up there ,,alot of strange ego type ppl work there and its uncomfortable soometimes for kell.
..she wants a NEW job but tulsa is kinda slow right now,,no one's hiring except word of mouth and who knows who to gwet jobs,,we know legal people,,so that may open the door for some kind of legal type job that she likes more,,i dunno ...shes being reeeal nice and im glad, even tho she says shes depressed and am too,,but ,,shit what can ya do?
poliics again!
bigbrother story that knocked me over,,in other words,,its commingto a home near u soon
OUR FUTURE, that we can look forward to ,,i believed it was comming,,now the laws are making way for what ppll called me" CRAZY" and mark my words,,,its only just begun"
read this for a good scare ..gulp!
then i got this subject to worrie about:
a movie opens in november 2009, if we make it that long.......

Monday, April 06, 2009

hi guys ..ive overdid my activity and now all of my insides hurt and i am getting that swelling in my belly,,its getting bigger and it hurts,all i wanna do is laydown and sleep,ive been sleepin Alot lately, and feeling a bit run down and downright tired to my soul. i cant type any longer ciz my fingertips have bad splits and ithurts really bad to type,,*sad

Friday, April 03, 2009

Obama hails the new world order - 2 hours ago this is the scariest,,and im shocked and im seeing America disappear,,omg what a trip! ..ignorance IS bliss
Phoenix Cops Raid Blogger Critical of Police gulp ..see nothing-say nothing-woa

Thursday, April 02, 2009

i have tried to photograph my "splitz" on my fingers:
kelly did some research and we think we see what i have.
its called " Rheumatoid Vasculitis "
yeah, and u can read all about it here:
woah -scary -*mine isnt that bad,but i have painful fingetips and thats why i cant type some of the time (like now) they start to bleed out from the small cracks along my nail bed,ive never had this before the RA.

i did alot yesterday, i had some guys come by to pick up aaaaaaaaaall those bags and bags of alluminim cans and the lawnmower thats broke....i was on darvon and it got me thru,barely took a nap,,just about 2 hours and it hurt oh so bad to get going agion, BUT i promised id clean up this computer Room and kelly gets home at 4.45 so i had to hussel along and dust-vaccume and get my lil art-desk back here,laundry and also had another guy come by to get our left over computer parts and the EMachine from karen gentry in our basement----WE R DOWNSIZING
we feel the need to downsize,,,and be prepaired for anything,,cuz every day weird things keep happening to us,,U would not believe the serindipity,,
examples; yesterday kelly was talkin' 2 her friend at work,,,they were discussing a person who kelly doesnt know,,but that prsons name was SHAY- never ever heard that name before,,,,anyways,,then she gets a call from someone,,and they said in order toresolve the pone call- shes gotta talk to SHAY---- (OMG never heard the name before now 2 X n less then an hour--i can think of alot more - but we catch the point- bbl.......

my "political addiction" found a rather "cute" artical worth mentioning;
i LOVE michelle Obama..she is sooo COOL!!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

its wed am (kellys stll sleeepin) i gotta hurry tho,i have just been thru hell again,,im only now able to sit and reflect on the events and discover new ways of living and new ways of thinking,,ive gotta break my hold on materieal things cuz when it all comes down to the "end" the only thing that matters is "how heavy is my heart" and have "i wronged anyone?" ..i must make ammends all before its lost forever,, i will bbl,,kelly just got up i gotta check on her (HI GLORIA)
--------------back and its starting to look more like spring now, the snow is alll melted away- and we still have tulips,whew,,i thought we lost them to the freeze.
im in a funk - after the shrink visit on friday ..then all the snow thru the weekend and kelly feelin so streessed and fixation on cleaning everything,,makes me jumpy and i can only jump in and clean wiht her,,like shs not alone,,and then pray the mania doesnt last for much longer.
we are really realllystressed out,,, and they aretaking away th ONLY thingthat kept me calm nd slowed the cring spells,,KLONIPIN,,because im in welfair state now then they can aretaking away al;l my pain meds darvon and klonipin because its welfare and they will NOT prescribe it,,SO IM WEANING OFF EVERYTHING -PREDNISONE INCLUDED,,IM OK AT TEN MILIGRAMS DAILY FOR QUITE SOME TIME NOW,,IM NOW ON DAY TWO OF JUST 5 MG A DAY -see what happens then- go from there,,im also ALMOST OUT of lexapro and my dr whitte will not prescribe it ,(dont know why) so im gonna skip days and force myself off,and get a clean slate and find a new rheumatoligist (pray and it will happen) - i just GIVE UP on this welfare state tho,,they dont give a damn,,they are over-worked and treat EVERYbodylike a effing drug addict,,i resent being looked at like that,,and forget it,,i throw all these pills right back at you" doctor know it all! " F,***yer drugs and zombie state you want me in,,
OK, get this,,,,,, a doctor just spent only one (1)hour with me and pescribed a LIST of meds,,im like oh,kay=WTF! NO! =
i showed it to dr whitte and she said "im not prescribing that,",(geo-done or something like that?)
im like GOOD cuz i aint taking it either, sure in the hell cant afford it -even if i was gonna take it,
???? i wonder why dr whitte had such a nasty attitude with me?????,,,,im thinkin,if you have a bad day - then dont take it out on the patients,, we didnt ask to be loaded up with rheumatoid,i never signed up for this, soooooo BY GOD-DO NOT GET ATTITUDE W/ME,,U ..U ...DOCTOR! im so sick of "ego maniacs "in the healthcare system - u know what i mean? or is it just happening here in tulsa? we want to move away sooooo bad,,to a better state w/ more health care and resourses then what this little town called tulsa has availibe.