Tuesday, April 07, 2009

its Tuesday morn and still have bad splits in my fingertips,,i MUST take pics and try to get good print s of it,,its so strange,,i dont do anything to cause it,,it happens while im sleeping,,my finger tips skin split open like razor cuts and it wakes me up in the middle of the night -i gotta get up an take painaid and dunk my fingers into this lotion/butter type stuff ... to quiet the pain of it...
crazy ,,just crazy.
shawny got hired at kellys POE (place of employment) so she comes over here then i drive both downtown and in her car, its convenient and im glad kellys friend is now gonna be there - it will help with having fun and not being so stressed out up there ,,alot of strange ego type ppl work there and its uncomfortable soometimes for kell.
..she wants a NEW job but tulsa is kinda slow right now,,no one's hiring except word of mouth and who knows who to gwet jobs,,we know legal people,,so that may open the door for some kind of legal type job that she likes more,,i dunno ...shes being reeeal nice and im glad, even tho she says shes depressed and am too,,but ,,shit what can ya do?
poliics again!
bigbrother story that knocked me over,,in other words,,its commingto a home near u soon
OUR FUTURE, that we can look forward to ,,i believed it was comming,,now the laws are making way for what ppll called me" CRAZY" and mark my words,,,its only just begun"
read this for a good scare ..gulp!
then i got this subject to worrie about:
a movie opens in november 2009, if we make it that long.......

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