Friday, April 17, 2009

heheee funnipic
Kats are aliens

take another look,,OMG

well,its offical now,,we are actuly going out to dinner...whoa,,its been like 7 yrs REALLY,,weve been to restaurants and all,,but its always been w/ the 70 yr olds,,(aww nothin wrong with that)
but kelly's friends @ her job said come on ,,so we are !.heheee,,
ive had my nap and i feel OK,,im alittle panicked ya know,,,gore phobia and all,,but here we go,,
(i will try to get pics-if no one is bothered by it)--ive been soooo withdrawn and in side my self for about 2 weeks now,,i have just felt real creepy and negative so i didn't" blog " much or even really do anything special except to keep the RA under control and keep doing good and only good. im so tired lately and soooo behind in all my housework.i feel inadequate

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