Thursday, April 02, 2009

i did alot yesterday, i had some guys come by to pick up aaaaaaaaaall those bags and bags of alluminim cans and the lawnmower thats broke....i was on darvon and it got me thru,barely took a nap,,just about 2 hours and it hurt oh so bad to get going agion, BUT i promised id clean up this computer Room and kelly gets home at 4.45 so i had to hussel along and dust-vaccume and get my lil art-desk back here,laundry and also had another guy come by to get our left over computer parts and the EMachine from karen gentry in our basement----WE R DOWNSIZING
we feel the need to downsize,,,and be prepaired for anything,,cuz every day weird things keep happening to us,,U would not believe the serindipity,,
examples; yesterday kelly was talkin' 2 her friend at work,,,they were discussing a person who kelly doesnt know,,but that prsons name was SHAY- never ever heard that name before,,,,anyways,,then she gets a call from someone,,and they said in order toresolve the pone call- shes gotta talk to SHAY---- (OMG never heard the name before now 2 X n less then an hour--i can think of alot more - but we catch the point- bbl.......

my "political addiction" found a rather "cute" artical worth mentioning;
i LOVE michelle Obama..she is sooo COOL!!!

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