Tuesday, April 21, 2009

have tried all these...
omg its ME and my camera
whatsgoing in there .
im feeling abit "cursed" im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo depressed,,,my case is still on the judges desk,,no word on his decision and we arent doing so well,, im weaning off the meds,,prednisone included, and its starting to be oK but its ruff.
there for a while,,my head/brain was always swimming from lack of anti depressants,

i am takiing them away because there is NO refill for me - i have no doctor for that,im going to see a new shrink (for free) tomorrow- i ws told to prepare for about 4-5 hours there,,(OMG) another system JUST LIKE FAMILY AND CHILDREN services(who i was seeing the last shrink(tracy-i liked her) the last time I was there i had to see doctor and he was such a "dick" to me..totally blew me off with his patronizing me and un-empathetic attatude,he was rude and hateful and am not going back to a place thats RUDE! im already sensitive and in a "state",so why u wanna mess me up more,,mr doctor?? its all because its for indigent care and its completely inadequate in all aspects for me,, and my rheumatoid arthritis case and depression from rheumatoid arthitus and all othr shit that goes along with r.a.
i am with a host of issues,i cannot swallow, so eating is hard- i told my shrink that the last time and she told me what its called,,and shes aware of r.a. and all the crap that comes w/it,,too bad i cant see HER regularly (dr grayson)... i had to buy her time (cost 300) at the SAME TIME OUR car broke down,,we had to get the waterPump replaced.

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