Wednesday, April 29, 2009

submarine going down
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wow ! swine is becoming more evident thaT they KNEW about this at least 6 months ago,,and i say they let it happen,,oh MEXICO, how perfect,, a little boy is "personZERO" and he caught it from an "american PIG farm" by his home! what do u know,,Americans are getting more and more deeper into trouble with the other countries--its ALWAYS our fault anytime something big happens,,we get the blame! god,,the rest of the world just HATES America for it gluttony and over against gluttony nd over indulgence..i thinnk its sinful./ and most other people do not share that opinion with me, NOONE is listenig to me,im telling kelly and danielle and shawny to be very caeful and this swine may seem to be over rated and its not in our face right now,,but very easily could be,,(new case now in muskoge oklahoma(-that person back from mexico) all im saynig is,, based on what i am reading from underground sites and posts from around america,,i smell a conspiracy,,and i still think we are being targeted by our own govenment -im tellin ya,,they want 2/ 3rds gone and soon,we r over crowded they say,,hummm.

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