Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ola,,its a pretty and warmer Tuesday morning,,im a ittle tired now from cleaning house all morning long.
na just log the fact that i am feeling mucho better - RA has receded, the only thing is really my neck hurts bad..i always take that darvon to be rid of the pain - if not, then my eyes water from the constant pain there, and to turn my head is almost to much,,the bones much be really be messed up in there,,i dunno at all,,but i feel like it seriously messed up in there ,,,my welfare doctor who charges not one penny to see me,,says "oh u got a little bit of arthritis in your neck..no biggy",,OK,,well,id trade ya,my neck for yours doctor, doctors are so different today,, this doc that i am seeing is YOUNG .. id guess around 30 ... i noticed the only doctors that have good manners are all the older ones from old school-i have heard it said from nurses i know,,that the kids comming out of med school today don not know as much as the used to ,,the educating and philosophy has changed

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