Thursday, April 30, 2009


its a rainy and chilly day .....this weather is NOT NORMAL,,,and i will tell ya what else is NOT normal,basically I'M CONVINCED THIS VIRUS WAS PLANTED AND PUT OUT FOR A PURPOSE ---WHY S IT POPNG UP LIKE THIS ONE CASE IN uk ONE CASE IN NETHERLANDS, ONE CASE IN FLORIDA , ONE CASE IN USSR (OR WHATEVR ITS CALLED NOW) GET MY POINT,,ITS NOT LOOKING TO BE A NORMAL SPREAD PATTERN,,IS ANYONE LOOKING OUT TO SEE IF ANY OF THE CASES HAD CONTACT IN ANY WAY W/ ANOTHR VICTIM ????? U KNOW!!! im greatly concerned now because its creepong in now,,and our sister TINA is in houston and her kids are on the school where there is a issue,i talked to her for a long time this mORNING ///we r freakingout about all the coffins everywhere,,plasTic FEMA things..and they are family sized coffins,,like they r gonna just thow us allin there until FULL! YIKES! ickky! i want my OWN coffin and i wanted it in a pyimid style and to be buried w/ all my egyptian amulets..i am shure there is a conspiracy in here somwewhere ..AND WHY THE BIG HUSH ON THE MAN IN MEXICO WHO GAVE PRESIDENT OBAMA A TOUR AND SPENT PLENTY OF TIME W/ OBAMA,,WHY IS OBAMA NOT SICK? HUH? I KNOW ITS NOT BCAUSE OF TAMAFLU - IT DOESNT WORK FOR THIS FLU,,SO I THINK HE WAS GIVEN A TREAMENT PRIOR TO THE TRIP TO KEEP HIM SAFE,,OR WAS IT A PLOT TO ASSISINATE OBAMA?????? U KNOW?? KILL HIM W/ GERMS>? VERY INTERSTING TO LET A SICK MAN IN MEXICO TRAVEL W/OBAMA,,ITS JUST NOT ADDNG UP TO ME
whos stoppin' by here,
~its a small world!!

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