Monday, April 27, 2009

i see EGYPT!!!

Good Morning people ! Time to get your paranoid On:
SWINE FLU is just what i have been waiting for,,to make sence out of all the FEMA coffins being seen around this country(texas oklahoma-yikes-georgia-california-and utah-so on)
please watch this video about our future
screensaver deepsea travels

screensaver earth

the book im reading now

i cant get away from my screensavers that are soooo cool. i have to do alot today ... today is prescription day,,i need to refill my pain and my prednisone.danielle is settled in her room up front, and we (kelly and me) are trying real hard to just "go with the flow" cuz ya never know whats going to hit ya when you are not looking.we are under soo much stress and i think that with danille and her help with rent will allow alittlebit of "peace of mind" for kelly //// we have been at each other for some time,,im defensive and feel like im worthles so i think everything she says is personally attcking me,,(i just feel so damned guilty for having limits on my time ..activity and strength, and endurance,,i have absolutly NO endurence,,i tire - out just climbing my stairs at home..its hard for me to keep up0 the strength to type here,,i find that my hands and shoulders andneck just start in with all the pain from RA and neopathy in my hands makes them feel wet all the time,,i noticed that i have uncontrolable ithing in my palms and fingers and what ever i do,,i cannot get rid of the uinternal itch i think thats neropathy,,need to check that out via google,

gotta break now,arms are numb fingers are numb..bbl..

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