Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Full Moon in Libra Thursday, April 9, 20097:56am PDT19º 53’ whoa ...

hi all,,im really swollen this AM due to the cut back in pills i take each day,,one reason is to be prepaired for the future,,i think at the END OF THIS YEAR>>> we will know if our back yard gardens will become ILLEGAL
unless we register the plants w/ BIG-BRO--0h they do want it all dont they,,i sound "crazy" about whats going on in the background here in USA-
but i would not even think of such things if i didnt have the Internet to search and discover.
i saw this on CNN late last nite,,had to dig to find it online,,,,want a smile?
look at this:
~dancing in the subway /UK~

whats gonna happen in 2012 dec 21st? im gettng a little worried now - thinkin' do need to stock up on storible long lastnig food seeds water weapons and anything else,Oh our military clothing from glenna,(she gave us all her boots, fatigues, military jackets,,skirts,,and LOL -all of it),, we gotta keep that stuff handy and also fire,,matches, and blankets,i gotta make a survival pack down in the basement - fersher! asap.

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