Sunday, April 12, 2009

its raining and cloudy and chilly out - i see our hosta's arre really taking off this year,and we have tulips in front (so pretty)
kell's depressed & I feel numb,
im not motivated cuz the weather is cold and rainy
(i feel the RA alot more now b/c of the cut backs in all meds)
whew,, i got up at 9.00 am,,now i wanna lay back down,,its only 12.00 noon and i have no appitite or motivation .. i was /have been tryingto creat my own movie..its where i am most of the time now ..tryingt o compose this AVI ,,and while i started out with an idea,,to make a CDto sleep to,,real positive stuff to listen to while dreamimg its been taking up alot of my free time ,,it requires my attention and
i find it hard to accomplish anything after hours of messing around,,here is a sample of the pics im using for the classic music in background=

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