Saturday, April 11, 2009

OMG US right here in google earth!our street.14th street.
my virus's

my computer had viruses that needed to be tended to. I could not keep my intenet explorer open,,it crashed while i was only browsing over and over again,so i knew somethng was wrong. windows I.Explorer caused a error in xvid.dll
(dot).DLL -serious stuff- dunamic link libary cant have errors -so i had to research and get it kleened up. this robot kleened my 2 hard drives (240 gigs) (new virus protection).very kewl.
im crazy they say,,,but its a game that i play,,
noone knows what the rules are and i can stay so far away -
and no one will ask, and no one will wonder, and no one will see, the real me.

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