Monday, April 13, 2009

monday morning and its chilly but after today we get warmer weather,,(thats about time)i thought we were gonna go from winter straight in to summer,,,no spring,its been TOO cold
anyhoo..lifes a bit boring and ive been sleepin' alot,,still down to 1/2 (half) of aaalll my meds every morning,i noticed i can go two days with out the lexapro,,my head starts swishing around from withdrawals - and i loose my peripheral vision then i know its time to take another lexapro,,,then wait again for those symptoms- time grows larger between each doese. i want to kleen my spirt and body,for the coming enlightenment that everyone says is coming in 2012..i wanna be fit and ready to run if the world comes crashing down...LOL!!!!seriously joking here folks-
i was reading another blog and could NOT RESIST linking to it
the info is astounding and its very intriguing website, also has alot of photos that are interesting to say the least

alien baby awwwww (i want one!)
Do you want to age more quickly? Just take antidepressant drugs. Check out the bad news about how these drugs make you older (but not wiser):

rightwing extremism on the rise,says the news..gulp.

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