Sunday, February 01, 2009

happy feb 1st,wow! i can not believe its 2009 and feb too ... already!i see time passing so quickly its amazing, is it real? or is it my imagination?ITS a sunny sunday morning.but chilly
im board so im blogging, story:
boo-boo was downstairs w/me this morning,and i was just amazed when i thought i heard him peeing,,and yes ,,its exactly what he was doing on plastic sheet that i had down on the ground for soil, and plants - i saw him give the corner of the area a good electric tail,-shakey-shakey electric tail- while just standing on the sheet of plastic, peee-ing--- i was stunned--- i just watched to see what the helll was next? nothing,,he walked away and acted all like he..." took care of something important" .

OMG, sooo i thew the plastic away and "pine sol'd" all around that area and got rid of any trace evidence,,dont wanna provoke any more of that kindof behaviour.....(star has vet. appt. for spay-ing on feb 12th? )

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