Monday, February 16, 2009

happy Vday
time to graduate
shawny can drive very good while speeding
flying down the hiway!
drive shawny drive !!!
we got there JUST IN TIME!

so much time has gone by and alot has happened.
we had TINA here with us and it was nice to just hang out and visit and shes just great.
she and i tried to have the best time for kelly and her graduation time, it was all so nice and the day (saturday) went by beautifully. Shawny came to get us and and it was all perfect. i had camera issues and could not get most of the day on film,,,i was able to get a few pictures before my camera went dead,
we had so much fun,,at one point we (me kelly and tina ) had gotten alittle crazy -goofy- laffing in a few pictures where we were giving the illuminati signal with our hands - you know- god it was funni,
we just lafffed our butts off and no one else knew what we were going so crazy over.
seems to me we laughed the whole day long and it was a great time-i asked julie kelly (school director at metro) "can i have one of these lovely flowers for kelly?".she said yea, take all u want,,OMG i did,,LOOK:

baby star is NOW fixed! dr wolf did a great job and all the people at southern ag said she was soo sweet,they said she buried her cute lil head into her paws and into the blankie they gave hr,,she was too cute,,vickeys female didnt do so good. i mean she got vicious after surgery, and the vet helper said he had to wear gloves,,(OMG badcat )

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