Friday, August 07, 2009

murder of a tree

here's the tree that the "so called "christians"-killed -murdered for no reason,,im no treehugger ,,but this was pure slaghter of a living breathing creature called an OLD OAK TREE
in my book-thats just plain wrong - it could have been trimmed way back and this poor OLD tree could have lived-our shade is GONE!
its so effing hot inside now,,this tree provided shade for three homes,,and now,,we r all exposed,i wanted to be positive about it,,i said,OH good,,now i can see the UFOs better,,more sky towatch and photo.-it nmessed up the fung shui completly
it sux.

also has anyone else noticed how everyones killing them selves and their family,,another murder suiside in az. i think
family's are commiting suicide in america now and ppl are going crazy and shooting in public places - looks like the chemtrails are working,,everyones going insane,PLUS
kellys smart brother said hes suicidal now and so is tina ( she told kelly this on the phone )
its getting outta hand
im sure the PTB r very pleazed w/ their work.
todays UFO watch-
BBC captures amazing UFO on camera (Video)
politicalstuff going on now ((crazy crazy crazy))
CEO Characterizes H1N1 Non-Believers as “Group of Crazies” On Flu Pandemic- im a crazie
its all a scam for the love of freggin MONEY,,millions to be made w/the vaccine,,i do not think for one second that they care about us,,riiiiiiiiiiiight, and there is a santa.clauz -
looks like they are using it as a TEST' - see what happens w/ all this.

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