Thursday, August 27, 2009

star is beautiful. Felis domesticus .shes a tortoiseshell kitten.

im back from the grocerystore,i had to go before it got too hot today,we r outta everything
and the kitty's want supersupper bad....spoiledrotten
two days from the dose and i feel mucho better,,the pills really make me feel queeezy and awful until it all disovles and gets into me,,i almost want to inject metho again,because its tearing up my stomach,i spend the whole nite on the toilet with diarrhea feeling but no action,,???
i always say in the moment that its JUST NOT WORTH IT,,but then after it fades away i feel stronger and more like the old me--- before all this RA stuff hit. RA is my "katrina"
*my elbows and hands r lookin more like RA lately--i noticed my knuckels on the steering wheel while driving - i have to learn to keep them down (outta sight)or i worrie someones lookin at em,,its creepy.

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