Thursday, August 06, 2009

ihtought he was a prince of peace / now i see the truth.
i see this picture is really getting around..nothing is for sure and everything is getting worse, i never knew it could get worse , but it is, and umm- im scared
damn that BUSHs regime and his plot to do us all in,,i see them making fun of obama and never thing about stupid idiot dum-ass bush,,he started all this maess as a idiot would,
im tired because i was up for a few hours middel of the night,throwong up,,i couldnt eat yesterday ,,due to the tooth thing,, and i drank beer at 5,oo pm,i wantedto get away from these bad thoughts - i woke up at 12.00 and i felt my eyeballs hurting-a bad bad eyeball headache from hell,,i took 3 ibuprophine and thats when i thew up,,forever ...
i feel like ive been hit by a truck and i have to lay down now,,i also have to log that the neighbors,,judal- they have really done it now,,they,the christians that they r,,,killed a tree thats over 100 yrs old, and shades our house form that big ball of fire in the sky,,now its gone and we r pissed-- its completly changed the feng shui -- as soon as i saw that they were taking the whole tree i was upset,,i cant believe they would ruin the whole tree for what>? i throw my hands up in dispair,,i smell the death and its very stinky,its got the air tainted and im sure its whats giving me this awful headache- tree stuff in the air -
im hopeless, i wrote to dad,,i told him we r falling apart, and need help,, i wish i could move up there and help dad with whatever he needs- kelly wants me to call the dentist today,,and she was horrified about my tooth, i smoked and drank last - i wanted to get soo drunk i would just die fromdrunkenness,,but the 2 beers only upset my stomach and remeinded me that budwiser beer sucks - i want liqorstore beer,,peroni or corona with a lime
we only have 3,2 beer cold in the stores,,its watery and gross, but i drank it anyways and it made me sick.

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