Wednesday, August 19, 2009

found this at my old site from 2003.
((ya know the germans always make great stuff))

alot has been going on here, wiht this RA and all,,i spent last saturday at the abstract copmany,,i posted properties for 3 hours, to see if i could doit PT,,well,,i love the job, BUT i cant hold my head iin the way you need to to log everything,,its a easy job and i could work PT they totally need the help,, i was so disapointed about my neck- im going again this sat to try again,,ifi can pull this off,,i can work there PT and already know the job,,they could hire me and ill be good to go,,no training needed __ great plan that kelly came up with.
Upper left back two teeth,(including my wisdom) had to be pulled again yesterday,,i called everywhere and looked online for a dentist cheap and around here,,of course the lord led em to a dentist on utica and they were all so nice,,NO partronizing or making me feel bad because of the issues im having
heres the website:
the dentist was sooooooooooooooo NICE and careing,he knew i was alittle touchy and about to breakdown the whole tiem,,i wanted to say,,Ill come back,,but i hung in there and he yanked out two bad teeth in the back of my mouth,SO yesterday i was SICK fromall that,i could not even make it up to get my prescriptions,,i was too sick and sweaty - hot - it was so humid and unbearible and its gonna be like that again today,i MUST go to utica square MED-X and get my medicine PINICELLIN and PAINAIDS,i already had penicilkin from the last time i went to DDS
so i took what i had and layed on the sofa

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