Monday, August 24, 2009

MARS is visible in the nite sky,, just right of the MOON
ohgod,,its a sinus kinda day,,and it has been a sinus kinda month im too ADD/ADHD lately to sit still,,im running all around trying to find help,,job,,extra money food clothes and everything else ....and its wearing me out
im spending time doing online surveys for now i talked to my mom,,kelly googled her and then dialec the number she habnded the phone to me and i was scared to say anyhting,, i heard her voice and immediatly i cried for my momma we talked for two hours and made plans to go visit in two weeks (holiday ) we will go up and see her - im very excited about that too.
its been too long and our whole point was this is whats important,,right here and NOW -
i think it'll help my soul to have my mom back, i played neil diamond thisa sunday morning and it made me cry,,thats when kelly said call yer moma! and i said OK,,after 8 yrs of her tryong to get me to look at this whole abandonment deal as what it is,,nothing but silly things get in ther way of our goal in life,,which is to secure love and live with love,, im proud of kelly for popening this wound and showing me that it doesnt really hurt at all,its a good thing -- so i said lets do it.
im glad

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