Friday, August 14, 2009

watched a documentary called the "healing power of flowers"
I FOUND IT ,,there are clips on YOUTUBE:
its the lady who is doing the experiments,,its good news for me,,i like this and believe in the power of plants-while watching the docu,i said,,"she would be called a witch and killed for this in the darkages" heres the official website:
i have not been spending much time here at my machine,,cuz i have been withy such a bad headache now for days and days (thinkin its a sinus infection) i feel nauseia when i sit here,,like i need "dramamein" or whatever its called --its gotta be sinuses.
im worried about my dad, he doesnt seem well,,i need to find a way to go to minneapolise this fall and visit. i miss him so badly and want to see him,i want to talk with ,about the stars and the solar system
(hes very knowledgable and realistic about things) He used to tell me as a kid,,"your imagination is running away w/ you again" i miss trying to be perfect for him- where most people would complain about the pressure a parent puts on ya,,i would welcome it,,i just love my dad and i never got to spend the time i want to with him,,hes a buzy guy (computer programer) i am putting all of my energy into "a job for debi" i need some responsibilities and some dang money,,ill take anything for a job,lie, ha -i wanna do this right,,i need somplace thats not too laborish,,and no standing for ever,,i have to have a sit down and do something job..Gloria said i should look into sitting with sick ppl..thats good,,but i dont see anyhting like that in tulsa jobs online or offline(networking thru ppl) i will find the right placefor me to be ,,i just goitta keep my mind and eyes OPEN *had to retype mostof this dueto typeOs-getting worse then ever now*

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