Wednesday, August 26, 2009

took my pills last nite ((dr. increased the dose-now im taking 4 pills)

i feel creepy and sick,,after i took the pills last nite,i became sooo sick and queasy i had to go lay down- i slept and woke and slept and woke and selpt and woke up over and over
not a good night at all, when the alarm went off it was very hard to get up.,.my neck and feet were so painful and i went straight for the perkidan,(half a pill-they r too strong 4 me)
so i took 1= 5 mg.prednisone, 1=1/2 perkadan, 1 darvon, 1=penicillin and about NOW,40 minuets later i can think and move
i understand the pain and depression going together,, sometimes it hurts so bad that i cant even talk straight,,i mix up words and say everything backwards
example i called the vacuum cleaner a refrigerator, i called pants shirts and other stupid things like that ,,ts very embarrassing and humiliating
i am clammy and hot allthe time,,OR im freezing,,i told K that my body's thermostate is jacked up bad. i also told the doctor,,but she doesnt give one ounce of a damn, she minimises EVERYthing and even said this about the methotrexate
" its kind of like chemo= " OMGOD,,IT IS CHEMO u ...u..nevermid ,,i cant believe i have to see such inadiquit doctors,,and NO mention of removasl ofcateracks,,they just let me go on like this,,i guarentee U that if i had INSURANCE id see a whole other dside to all this,,.like removal of catreracks,,and possible fix for my neck-what ever that would be?? AND id sure as hell have no teeth falling outta my mouth
all of my teeth on the bottom are loose as can be,,it scares me to eat food,,bite into anything
and i could loose a effing tooth,,its so end of the road BECAUSE its WELFARE and it is nothing to be dependant on --
its just NOT worth it,i want medicare and i cant get approved,,and i dont know why>? HELP me lord.
Methotrexate's Drug Class: Methotrexate belongs to the drug class known as DMARDs, or disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs. DMARDs slow the progression of rheumatoid arthritis and other rheumatic diseases, and help prevent joint damage.
Methotrexate was developed as a leukemia drug in the 1940s. The drug was considered experimental in the 1970s. It was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat rheumatoid arthritis in 1988.

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