Wednesday, August 05, 2009

if this is it,,then why even try to find happines OR bother wiht politics- they dont give one simple shit about us .... this is the news today. im loosing hope.
things r bad and its gonna get alot wose then we thought (its what undergound says) no where near thru falling and the CNN and other news is trying to cover it up.

so sad,,at least i had the seventies to remember
god thoise were the glorydays parting eiht all the bands like areosmith and all,,
dwight yokam and hewey lewis and devo,,they spent the weekend w/ me and my sister mary
Oh great shot- im not able to cope much anymore,,attn span is gone and im running myself around scared to death of it all.
a thousand dollar tooth fell out (its got a silver peg in it )
it just keeps comming doesnt it,,i gotta log that i was starving,i made a quick fold.over peanutbutter and after trhe first bite,,i dont even wanna say it,,i lost another tooth right in front of my own eyes,,the tooth behind my dogtooth (lower left) fell right outta my mouth, and i cried and cried and was horrified-
i seem to be holding it together now,but i was not ok just 10 minuets ago,i need rest but im so upset with myself and my situation
i have no camera anymore,,i dropped it 2 x's and its not just booting up anymore, it has expired
- i am using the kodakcrap,,one picture a day is all its good for. propriatary battery is dead, no replacing it either -

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