Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i stopped the methotrexate because its not worth the hassel and the stress to get it,,i cant handel it anymore,,forget it completly im on week two of no metho and it hurts like hell and i cant handel my feet and hands,they r hot and sore it hurts to walk /im unhappy and scared and worried about life im trapped in a friggen nitemare and i am doomed - and this medical service im getting is worth nothing so im glad its a free place for me,ID NEVER pay these ppl to get the hap-hazard medical attn i am receiving - no insurance no help,,its just that simple
on a larger note,,i must log how split up everyone is becoming,either you r OK with obama or you are not ,and its dividing everyone i know,,its so intense ,but i bet its all part of the plan,,divide then conquer

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