Thursday, September 24, 2009

seems like i just have too much going on now,,i hae not been keeping up here at all
reason: to obsessed with 2012 and other news thats goiong on now,,if i read all that stuff about the conspiraCY of h1n1 and the way that the PTB are trying to ill off 2/3rds of the population,,then i have3 to read every EVERY thing on it so that i dont get worried for nothing,,and verify all that i read,,like do my own research on every subject,,every thing they say i want to back it up,,is irt hear say is it faCT where is all this info coming from and why,,whos benefiting,hows making money off the fear of the ppl? every stone needs to be turned over and explored,,soo thats what ive been doing now that we've got these three computers networked and up and running,,all viruses removed and pray not to get anymore viruses from downloading stuff i shouldn't be,,(greed is bad) ive3 been cleaning this ol house and it wears me out,, my RA has been very active because i quit the methotrexate,it was helping me too,,but its tooo hard to getit so screw it -- i want a rheumatoligist
and the doctor im seeing just doest know anything about RA - i read an artical about the h1n1 and other vaccines we get every yr for the regular flu ..well,,something stood out TESTS SHOW PPL WHO TAKE THE FLU SHOT EVERY YR, AND ADDED UP TO ABOUT 8 TIMES,,WILL BE MORE LIKELY TO GET MS or RA and other funky diseases --i believe this may be what caused me to get RA,,i took the flu shot working in retail over 12 yrs in a row,,,i think it may be the cause ???? NO ONE IN MY FAMILY HAS THIS SO HOW THE HECK DID I GET IT ?
article i read for this info:
Dangerous Mercury Contamination of Human Body Increasing, Study Finds
also,2012 is really on the front burner for TV and the web,,lots of stuff being presented every day and i eat it aaaaaall up ...burp. opps.emberressed.
The 2012 Enigma

The 2012 Enigma

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