Monday, June 01, 2009

CHEMTRAILS started up again /heavy last night,just as dusk,,the Sky's were covered,and by the way it looked when the sun arose,,i saw OLD chemtrails,,that were thick as pie and just hanging everywhere,,all thru the horizon an i feel really anxious i feel really RA'd out,, and im swollen bad in hands and feet, neck and shoulders.

ive been so "unable this morning until this very moment,,im having sever nausea and hot flashes that wont go away ,,i woke up this morning at 5.30 am to stagger for pain aids,,my feet and hands will not stop with the radiating pain (RA) i cant walk to well,my joints in my feet are just no good,,i cant walk with out anything on my feet,im a barefoot girl too,,,its just not my style, this RA business.
so i am looking for a dentist now that can wok w/ me,,i have to get my old tooth pulled fromk my back,,and my prednisone makes my teeth chip so badly that i just MUST have some order restored in my mouth before i go crazy, i keep bitting my toung from where my crown fell off and the tooth is so sharp under there,,damnit its always something... im like a old car now,,everythings starting to go,,LOL! but its true,,even tho my mind thinks im only Ohh about thirty now,, i dont know about this growing up thing,,and how to do it,,i can only be myself and its a little immature,,but i NEVER would want to hurt anyone adn judge anyone or be evil in anyway,,i care about how i make ppl feel,,i enjoy happy times with all,,even when im crtynig and laying i8n the hospitial,,i still crck up the doctor an make kelly laff too,, im just a suilly girl,,and its just crazy that i have to see my body falling apart while i used to have it all under control,,and and i was so strong and healthy,,shit i feel like my insides hurt,(organs) and it makes me think im gonna die and i should make out my will,,, i must take time to think of all my people and (past and present) and make out some paper type will that ensures people i KNOW GET a peice of me after im gone,,i hope i come back as a happy kitten in a real nice house and all i do for twenty years is live- enjoy eat-streeeeech - play- sleep- catch a bug or two-
and watch the people who own me just spoil the crap outta me,,(like we do to star-e-and booboo) its calle KARMA, u get what you deserve,,,,that attitude keeps me good.
just look at her(star) hard life,

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