Monday, June 29, 2009

my computer had a bad bad bad virus,,i only now have regained the machine back,i was fighting the need to reformat again!
i had just reformatted days ago,,from a virus Koobfa-Gen virus from facebook,, and got it taken care of but seems i had more to fight i had to wipe out all info and all downloaded messages are all gone,,,,life on the internet has its price.
im oredered out to 41st and yale, dr says "get your bloodwrk done" i cant cuz the car is broken down right now ~ my RA is bothersome - i mean i still have bad feet,neck and its very hard to walk without pain, my jaw hurts too,i cant yawn or open my mouth up too much, my hands and elbows are achy - we have hot weather and i feel oppressed by the air. Kellys wrking a 4 day week and has been doing better,,as far as depression and everything. the car is brroken,,we have to take it to bills again,,damn damn damn..its all so stressful and i feel super weird,,like sureal,,and detached from reality,i see vibrations in my peripheral vision, everything is wavy,or vibrating.
i have been having the weirdest physical pain in all of my muscles - it feels achy and hurtful / like i need to strech out .. i feel bruised in a way, but im not brused.

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