Tuesday, June 09, 2009

another thing to watch is this H1N1 ,,i understand its not being reported (media blackout unless is a death from the virus)
links for info
learned a new word 2day=Scilon had to really search to find out what this is,,i found it alright,,and its a weird connection /coincidence again

scilon : A person who sympathizes or is directly involved with the Church of Scientology. Used in a derogatory manner by Anonymous and those opposed to the practices of the Church of Scientology.
"Hey scilon, how much are they paying you to write this biased garbage? $70 a week?"
A follower of L. Ron Hubbard and the "Church" of Scientology. The term is a play on "Cylons," the robotic invaders in Battlestar Galactica. It is particularly appropriate because Hubbard was a science fiction writer, and the top-seekrit "OT levels" are based on the belief that we are infected with "body thetans," the confused, immortal souls of space aliens who became disoriented 75,000,000 years ago when the evil space warlord Xenu brought them to Earth (or Teegeeack, as it was known then), dropped them into volcanoes and blew them up with nuclear weapons.
"The Scilons tried to talk me into taking a Free Personality Test."
i was led to this discription of Dr. Rima (who i happen to like ) was called a "scilon " hummmmmmmmm. well i was looking at CODEX AL. again to see if any new news was out about it,,and i found alot,interesting ,,kelly says it'll be a cold day in hel;l before we the ppl let them out law vitimans,,but hey u never know! stranger things have happened,,like out - lawing liquor,,seems like crazy idea these days!

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