Friday, June 05, 2009

today i feel heavy and my feet and neck really hurt
me and elvis ,,we r so funni - treat him like hes a person.

when i told kell about it all she felt so bad with me,,we didnt know what to do,,i threw it to the lord,,and kell called out there and they were so rude t o her,,they said,,well, of course our referrals oput to other doctors costs ,,of course,, " kell said no -one told us and hey,,thank alot fo r telling us what they were doing,,no call ,,no heads up to say,,we r referring you out,,, whats your status? im sure if i had $ 200.00 plus then i wouldn't be seeing a free doctor. id be payin a rheumatoigist ,,but we are greatful I MEAN GRATEFUL for the program we have found here with doctor whitte,,shes young and careing not over caring tho,,shes competent and i believe dr whitte wants to help,,shes not dealt w/ra in her young career,(shes only like 27-28)and shes a DOCTOR so shes by far intelligent and her bedside manner is fine,,-shes cool ,, the problem is her staff,,as we were to find out over a call to the head nurse of this program - she listened to what happened and understood about how un professional it is to talk about and make fun of a patient,(they did that the time w/kelly when i had RA in my jaw bone,and couldn't open my mouth and it attacked my gums),,IT actually DID ,every tooth in my bottom row HURT to the touch all down to the roots and bottom jaw bone its so weird, but i saw the dentist,& he said my jaw bone is deteriorating and he pulled a perfectly good BUT loose as all HELL-and thats where i went d-e-p-r-e-s-s-e-d-bigtime. the antibiotics cost 50 dollars!
so money,,not good,,health,,not good(still have the huge stain on my arm from 4-5 days ago injury) spirit fading , but its strong,,i feeel better already because i was scared to go today after kelly calling on the nurse out there,,but they assured me they will not know abut the call and all is top secret until a formal written complant is mad,IM IN NO HURRY cuz i cant look a gift horse in the mouth dangit,, im not buring my dr whitte talked to meabout meth,,methotrexate,,she prescribed a low dose??,,pill form -no injections- and get bloodwork every month to monitor,,and if i am willing she is,,so i agreed,and i will re start pills of methotrexate,,

im nausea right now,,ug,,im going off to lay down my head is pounding , i still have so much to list.,,,later tho. i have to take that antibiotic,BIG WHITE AND expensive -- they make me nauseous

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