Tuesday, June 09, 2009


im here and its LATE,,its about three thirty,,and i only feel a little bit better,,im weak and my hands wrists and shoulders and neck and feet HURT HURT HURT,,why,,what the heck did i do to start all this? well,i didn't do anything,BUT i bet its cuz i cannot sleep -im having heat flashes thru-out my body and it wakes me up in middle of the nite, i cant ignore this either,,its very hot and it stays awhile then disappears,,and i get nauseated ,,so, i do not feel good at all,,,

its getting hot in OKlahoma now,,its hitting 90 degrees everyday,,and our skys are filled every morning with thin wispy long spreading out chremtrails,,i think if its bad for ppl then all the little bugs and birds and things would be poisoned and die,,,right????hummmm, what a mystery,,that i want to know all about,,hey,,anything im not supposed to know is what i want to know,,anything that is hidden makes me look harder and stay on it until i come to a conclusion about the situation then i move on to my next obsession hahahaaa,, now tho,,its the sky and the trails,,why do they keep it secret? why not just tell us,,unless its a deviant thing and would not like it,,soo,,the mystery continues,we will know one day WTF has been going on right over our heads
CNN's unseen photo of MM that was JUST found in a old someplace-(not as impotrtant as these pics!)
she was so special,and i love her!

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