Saturday, June 06, 2009

looks like im not the only one yelling and crazy about all this,,
LOOK from twitter:
The Obama hieroglyphic, Barack visits the pyramids.
by amazngdrx on Fri 05 Jun 2009 08:15 AM CDT Pat yourselves on the back, all Obama voters/supporters. What could be a better boost for peace than Obama's visit and his fantastic speech in Cairo?
Maybe identifying with Egypt's marvelous ancient history, personally? compare the ears on the hieroglyphic (video). Now touring the concentration camp his grandfather helped liberate with Ellie Weisel.
Forgive yourselves for getting verklempt, we really have helped change history. "Those who learn from history are doomed to watch others repeat it", maybe we all dispelled that gloomy historical cloud somewhat? Who said our individual votes/volunteer efforts don't count? They were wrong!
its allll over the net,,shiti thought it was just us and barack,,dang..

pictures of the trip Dallas march 2009 King Tut exhibit

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