Friday, June 26, 2009

im here by kellys computer,, mine has a bad bad virus and i dont want to spread it,,i see it came from facebook and its called W32/Koobfa-Gen i googled it and yep,,its a bitch and not easily removed,,i also sense its trying to propagate,,as i got a ominous warning from YAHOO trying 2 send a email yo kelly to let her know i made it home,,the car is unstable its got no oil pressure and it could blow any minuet //// i noted yesterday that i was upset about farrah,,ONLY to be shocked about another death MICHEAL JACKSON died yesterday afternoon,, we lost EdMc mann - farah , and Michael,,this week , plus we just found out james is going to IRAQ and we all know you dont come back the same,,its the worst news ,,seems very troubling these days,,as everything is in a funk,,i only will acknowledge the positive tho,,and ignore these suspicions that these are the days of "the end"
it feels like everything is changing,, attitudes and awareness-es, my RA is on back burner,, even tho im in complete pain today,,i hurt in feet,,i cant walk very well,im wearing the dr sholls cute shoes from kelly,,she insisted i try them then insisted to keep them,,ha...OK i will ,,and now,i sleep in them,,i swear,,they r supportive that to take them off im screwed,,i cant walk on my sore feet,,they really hurt to walk on them gota go,,i have to go lay down,,i am in shock and i need to take some pain meds in order to continue with today,,im beat from yesterdays stress,,the car ,Farrah and Michael and now Kelly's transportation is jeopardized,,we have a car dr's appt next Thursday,, at bills on boulder ave downtown,,(best place in town)

now ,,i want to look around on this HD and find an interesting pic to upload
son and buddy the doggie
we do not know them -but like this picture

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