Monday, June 01, 2009

only thing i willeat now fruits and veggies
boo,hes sompthin else.

little baby sleepin

chemtrails in progress

i feel the chemtrails (not feelin/lookin to good)

i hurt my arm today,i barely touched the door and this happened.
just horricfic -its from the prednisone
i am sti;ll taking vitiman D faithfuly but i still have really weak skin .. god,,i hope i never have to fend for my life cuz i dont think i can,,(i do have surpising strenght when adrenilin is flowing tho)
kelly knows howt o grow everything,,we started a blackberry brush (with thorns and all)
and we have been workin hard in the yard,,, and whew i am not able t o take on the heat,,its only around 85-87? and i cant handel it,,im having sever hot-flashes,,i read where pednisone can mess w/ the cycle,,i ddunno,,i know im having hot-flashes thats ferher!
OUR HOUSE IS SO MUCH BETTER NOW,iswear,,i thnk this ol house is hiding all its potential,, i pray to lord for a plummer and my income to start soon,,i need it bad,,im hanging on by thin line

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