Monday, June 08, 2009

im having a hard time with my neck area and the more active i am the more it hurts later,,i had to go crazy over fleas on the cats,,(probably got them from letting them eat grass outside early in the mornings) and the front line has still NOT arrived in the mail yet,wtf?
we are really needing that stuff while the cats are clean -
ohmyy neck tho,,why does it hurt and its clicking and everytimei move it ithurts,so no rubberneckin for me,,it gives me a headache. the chemtrails are back too,i noticed them last nite,,sunday eve,and they were thick in the sky this morning and yestrdaty (sunday)
took pictures of sunday early am chemtrails being made:
my photoalbum w/picasa (loveit)
i just spun off completly by going into picasa

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