Thursday, June 25, 2009

ola,,just need to log that i have a 12.30 appt w/ ACT,, this is where dr grayson works and i see they take ppl w/o insurance,,its my last hope from this city,,i do believe that ive combed this town from top to bottom,in regards to health-care for RA and no insurance,,its just not gonna happen, we dont have the resourses here in tulsa,,which is the ONLY town id even concider living in,,here in this godforsaken state of oklahoma ,,and its too damn hot ,,its really hot and its NOT been like this for as long as i can recall
ive never ever seen such HOT weather over and over and over day after day after day,and NO end in sight
FARRAH died today,of cancer- i just saw this on CNN and it made me so sad to hear this.

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