Saturday, June 06, 2009

this man is something "else" i screamed when i saw this on CNN,,i cannot tell u how personal this is,,we were in Dallas at the KING TUT EXHIBIT and no cameras allowed ... tina- kelly- and i had a LONG LONG time with the sarcophagus and we noticed one special very special icon -what i call hieroglyphics but this icon LOOKED LIKE BARACK OBAMA!! and we freaked right there in the dark and beautiful exhibit room where we looked over king tuts sarcophagus,,AKA tomb. golden and so magical i was in heaven the whole time i was with my Egyptian spirits. i have pics here:
look at this Barack is being shown the VERY same icon with doctor Hawass,(my hero) and they say the same thing we did,,
short clip-watch is here: swear i about cried for the coincidence of it all

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