Wednesday, June 17, 2009

been awhile,, its all because of medication,ijust do not do well on drugs-- the
Penicillin was too much so i was so sick and tired truely beyound what i cold coop ith,,now i stared Metho agan and its a" low does",,and its pills - not needles,,thank god,,i do not have the stomach for needles again and humaria just burned like hell,,i cant go back to that-- i read report yesterday that brought tears to my eyes,,for he hope of a cure,,i mean lets stop RA dead in its tracks,that would be so wonderful for me and many other people,, we really do put up with the most pain and th guilt ad the horrors of it .. hard to have RA and survive OK,,its very hard. everything changes ,,and its all so unpredictable,,its hits you when u lest expect it,,and no telling for how long and how hard,,god,,what a scam,,
LOOK at this tho,,this is the report i found : AWESOME gimme some quickly, so i can have my life back.
RA in my feet, neck wrist hands knees.
its back in my feet again,,,,its very very painful to walk on my foot-bones -shoes do not help,,i can only stay off of them for releife.
neropathay felt more these days,,maybe the heat/ the weather brings it out? i cant feel my hands or feet even tho my foot bones(the toes and the ball of foot) really hurt,,the flesh is numb.


Wellescent said...

Interesting drug combination. My wife has RA and is on methotrexate, but has continued damage to her joints so this could be another option. The only nasty thing is the list of side effects including death, fatigue and difficulty breathing among others. Still, if it can be prescribed more widely, it might improve the quality of life for a number of people.

debrabmaddox said...

oh thank you for the comment. i have taken all the meds before,,but they dint wrk,,i had to stop everything but prednisone of corse,,Hooked-but weaning down to a super low does,, five miligams daily,,doesnt hold the ra back,but i need to get off of the prednisone beforwe,,like you saud death,,i can feel it tearing up my inside organs,,its scary,,