Sunday, May 31, 2009

me and elvis presley
our brite blue sky with out chemtrails,,its been 3 days now with out chemtrails,,im watching to see when they do it and how we feel according,,

its EARLY sunday am,,all is quiet,i felt creepy early last night so i feel asleep,,and when i woke up today, our house is bigger again,,all of D's stuff is gone AND SO IS MY QUILT >i gotta watch her,,,so shes moved on out now,,still owing us money and wheres my quilt huh>? Kelly is still alseep,,im sure Kell talked to D to see what was going on,,her TV is still here too soo,,i think it will be OK. kellys mom came over to hang out w/ us last nite,it was fun - we ate taco-bueno and we showed her all of the plants ndoors and out---
she enjoyed it,,im soo glad.
i have been suffering from RA in my feet now,,its moved down to my feet (again) and its very hard to walk,,
the has lost their minds,,who's in charge there,, i had to remove my shortcut and stop going there,,OMG they have roaches craweling all over the pages - its discusting,andi wont go thee anymore,,way to keep your customers weather dot com,,(fools)
well,i was gonnaprovide a link,,but now the roaches are gone,,it was a add for ORKIN MAN,,and ick,,why all the roaches?

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