Friday, May 08, 2009

so pretty. and looks so real.
so its Friday again.its still raining ,,,yep,,this whole town is gong totally "crazy-depressed" and and every ones complaining and grumpy,,(except me) im just here dealing the the same ol "same ol" sigh....... looks kinda "tornado -ish" right now and i do have an appt at ten w/Laurie @ good ol "F and C" they called me last nite and i told them i need help,, so she hooked me up for toady at ten,,but omg im soo tired from alllll the work ive been doing,,

at the coffee maker this morning,,i noticed the cats were ALL OVER SOMETHING -just going crazy,i looked thought i saw a lil'hop...YEP A FROGY IN THE HOUSE .. i got the cats away and placed him 1st in the sink w/ some water and rocks in there / and a screen over the top so he could not get out,,i then made a quick" travel bucket " for him and dropped him off at the beautiful park on my way home from taing kelly downtown,,its raining,,i did film the "saying good luck and off he jumped" soo cute,,it was a true frog,,not a toad,he'd been burrowed im sure under all the soil from one of the plants i brought here from patsy's backyard,,she had frogs in her pond and they liked to stow-away in her plants,,,LOL! C_U_T_E. i love frogs gonna upload the clip of the lil froggy adventure in just a second ,,BBL,,

keep in mind that im verymuch a dork,,ok?
OH i did use curse words in this avi--so sorry) i thought maybe some gangs were down there,its right on the edge of downtown were all the bums and gangs all hang out,,im not to afraid as long
as its DAYTIME! ,never go there at nite!unles u can handel it.

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