Friday, May 22, 2009

cute lil spider!
yesterday at the doctors was not so bad,,actuly the doc was prety nice,,BUT i was cooperitive and yes yes yes to everything,,then out the door,,i was there w/ a Sceeeeming child and my ears could not take all that high pitched screaming of a little girl ,,,whew,,
i need to find out what sign our roomate,,,is so i know WTF im dealing with here,,(OMG!)
next subjust=
we are at each other again,,i have hormones raging,hot flashes all nite and all day,now im just bleedig so i dunno what on earth' wrong w/my body----
i thought that the " party " was 2nite,so i called my lil sister mary to say i have been cryig all day and cannot go,well,,she said its on SUNDAY! im so glad hope we can go,,it was so much fun the first time i went,,its a HIPPY-PARTY and anyone whos anyone will be there--peggy(our friend in eureka springs) drives down every year for this party,,its all day and all nite on sunday,,i want to go so bad ,,i like hippies (oh,,hey,,i am a hippy)
so now im w/ head ache and dontfeel well at all i have the worst sinus pressure and its giving me a migrain now--
heres a interseting post from my RA Yahoo groups......
get these in my mail and look them over,,i always see new ppl just diagnosed and they are JUST LIKE me in the begining of RA,,you are just confussed about the disease & what will fix it..
and driven crazty and depressed cuz the pain of it all,,

POST frmmy Yahoo RA group...
It seems that the doctors I have gone to, are very egotistical. They know everything, and don't really listen to me. I have diabetes, fribromyalgia, and RA. There were times when I curled up in a fetal position 24/7, and cried constantly because the pain was intense. My family doctor was awesome!! He kept me on soma, xanax, and vicodin. It worked to a certain degree. I went to a rheumatologist that he recommended, and he changed none of the meds, they were for the fibro. Unfortunately, my family doctor moved hundreds of miles away. I feel that if the methotrexate had been added to my other med regimen, I would be in better shape. The last rheumatoligist said she did not treat pain....thanks a lot. The next to last dr treated my fibro with lyrica which made my hands and feet swell. This killed me because my RA already hurt my hands and feet. When I called his office, he increased the dosage of lyrica!!
I blame the lack of pain med scripts on these celebrity deaths. Ever since thay happened, Anna Nicole, Heath Ledger, doctors assume everyone is in it for the drugs.
SO SO SAD...we are getting the screwed because of all the "bad apples" out there.

never ever thought id see this in the headlines,,what do u wanna BET THAT IT DOES NOT HAPPEN THO,,OR if they do audit the feds,,then its allll a sham for cover up politics as usual,,scams everywhere now:
GO RON PAUL!! MY MAN!! god, i love him! we were alll aboout RON PAUL before barackObama,, we had to go with OBAMA when RON was not alowed to play president this time around...damnIT~! i still am hinotized by barackObama,,everytime i see him on the news(cnn) i always just say awwwww hes so smart and cute ,,i love him,,but you see,,its what thay want us to say and think,,not realizing whats rreally going n,,i do not have a problem with ANY thing barack has done so far,,in fact i just think hes kickin up some serious ass,and ppl are scared of the light shining in on alll the politics,,but hey,,its all a scam too,,i will be happy and say YEA! when it all efects me in a positive way,,like medicazl help and SSDI
Bill to Audit Fed Gains Serious Momentum
someone wrote this ,,just what i had said :::
Bam Bam Reply:
May 22nd, 2009 at 10:04 pm
They will probably allow the audit once they have created as second set of books with a bunch of fake destinations and figures. If these people own washington, you know they won’t reveal any truth to the audit. If they were crooked before, they will be crooked during the audit. Why wouldn’t they…they know they are above the law and own the land. I would be surprised if it turned out to be a legitimate audit. It’s probably going to just be another circus show to make us feel good

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